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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ah, a lazy Sunday afternoon. After church this morning I came back, ate lunch quickly, and then took a leisurely nap, which is probably why I'm in a fantastic mood right now. I just feel so relaxed.

So I have just been downloading video game remixes. My brother gave me some video game songs (kind of like background techno-type music), which I LOVE when they appear on the shuffle on my iTunes. I particularly like this this remix of "Ice Capped" from Sonic the Hedgehog. (you can download it yourself by clicking on the download tab). So when I was listening to "Ice Capped" just now, I saw that there was a website attached to the mp3 in the album designation. So I found the site and found that this particular re-mixer has a bunch of video game remixes. So I'm making my way downloading everything.

It's better than doing one of my two remaining assignments. One assignment is to read for my Presbyterian History and Theology final, which I couldn't care about (other than passing it). The other assignment I have left is to write a 15-20 page paper on the following:
A study of the preaching of a particular woman preacher, in which you will undertake a theological, hermeneutical, and rhetorical assessment of this woman's sermons, taking into account her self-understanding as a preacher of the Gospel, theological and hermeneutical commitments, and the way that sensitivity to the particulars of cultural and religious context shape (or shaped) this woman's preaching.

I will be frank - I have no idea what that means. I mean, I guess I know what all of the individual words mean. But when put together...I am coming up lacking. I have read that description probably 10 times now and I still don't have a clearer understanding. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon, as the paper is due in about a week.

In other news, here is an interesting article of a man who built a working replica of Noah's Ark. What I found to be particularly interesting was the poll - 82% of the people taking the poll believe that the ark was a real ark. I am in the 18% that don't believe that there was a literal Noah's ark. I suppose I find it surprising that such a large percentage of people believe that there was a literal ark.

In other other news, Ann Rosendale has joined the Facebook world. She reports the following:
I will be friends with anyone who can help me navigate the facebooking world. I will also be friends with anyone who has or ever has had a mohawk. But she will not be the girlfriend of anyone who has or ever has had a mohawk.

Well said.

- Jenny, 4/29/2007 12:37:00 PM

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