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Monday, April 30, 2007

Above you can see a collage of my brother and my cousins and myself. Last night my cousin Danny (Dan to you all) IMed and said that he has a friend in the San Diego crime lab, which is really cool. Anyway, he was talking with her and somehow he began telling her how he and I are related. You see, I am doubly-related to Danny and David. My mom's sister married my Dad's brother. Therefore, Danny, David, Joey and myself share both sets of grandparents, whereas Keana and Leila (my newer cousins) share only one set of grandparents. So the exciting news is that Danny's friend is going to do a check on our DNA to see if our DNA shows that we're more like cousins or more like brother and sister. I think this is SO interesting! I cannot wait to hear the results. When Danny comes out to visit for my graduation in two weeks, he'll apparently bring some sort of cotton swab I'm supposed to touch on the inside of my cheek and then he'll take it back to his friend to analyze. Neat, huh?

Apparently Danny also told his friend that I'm marrying his brother, David, this summer. Which is true. But this information should not further confuse family relations or cause you to freak out - I'm simply officiating at the ceremony. David is marrying Laura, which is really exciting.

Well, I am progressing on my paper and my studies. Still nothing written yet and very little read, but I have a plan and it seems pretty decent. I hope to get enough work done today so I can start writing my paper tomorrow. And my plan for my history exam is just to read for an hour a day along with studying in a group with a couple of other people and see where that gets me by the end of the week. Surely that can be enough studying, right? If not, perhaps I don't deserve to pass seminary!

- Jenny, 4/30/2007 08:25:00 AM

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