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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today in my pastoral care class we were given a piece of foil and instructed to fashion a person out of it in response to this video we saw about children and grief. I really, really like my contemplative man and have decided to keep him and give him a permanent home on my desk. This placement is as permanent as permanent can be, knowing that I'll only be here for the next seven or eight weeks. At that point, my contemplative man will be recycled, a poignant end indeed.

The big talk on campus today amongst seniors is figuring out the renting/buying of our graduation dress. I fully plan on renting everything - cap, hood and gown - (why buy when I'll never wear them again?) but am mostly excited to wear the hood (although I guess my hood will look a little something like this). I have worked long and hard over these past three years for this Masters degree and you better bet I will be wearing this extra bit of prestige. I am not looking forward to wearing the cap (mostly because I hate wearing hats in general), but am just thankful I'm not getting a doctorate so that I don't have to wear some stupid hat like this (there are worse ones, but I can't seem to find them).

I haven't started writing my exegesis paper just yet, but I have started thinking about it. Maybe I can start writing it tonight.

My thoughts on last night's episode of LOST, episode #14, Expose.
I thought this episode was really interesting. When it first started playing, I was really disappointed. It seemed so...cheesy. The music and the flashback was just so...lame - until I realized that it was not reality and that Nikki was an actress and they were showing her in a scene. By the way, who else thinks that Nikki looks like Mandy Moore? It drives me crazy and perhaps that's why I just don't like Nikki...not that I have anything against Mandy Moore. I think it just takes me out of the show because I start thinking about how she looks like Mandy Moore and how Mandy Moore dated Andy Roddick.

Anyway, I thought the episode was interesting because it was a glimpse of the island from a sort of minority perspective...what was going on with the rest of the Losties while the main characters were getting involved with the mysteries of the island. I can't say that the episode was especially good - but - I can say that I was a bit more interested in Nikki and Paulo (two characters I could care less about) after the episode ended, and am curious to see what the other perspectives of the crash are that we have yet to hear.

I really have no idea if they're going to be able to get themselves out of that sand. I think they might be done-for. Certainly, if she survives, Nikki will be upset that the diamonds are scattered within the sand.

Also - I loved seeing Shannon back! I wasn't a huge fan of Shannon's, but there is some part of me that really just enjoys her character (maybe because she's so over the top and so Orange County). I also have always wondered why the science teacher wears that little ascot-like thing.

- Jenny, 3/29/2007 09:37:00 AM

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