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Friday, March 09, 2007

Today I embark for Scotland with perhaps the two most different Ohioans that can be found. On the one hand we have Tony, aka the Calvinator. Tony is one of the more conservative people I have ever met in my life. On the other hand we have Noah, a Greenpeace hippie who is from roughly the same area as where there were four dead in Ohio. I like to consider myself the middle ground between the extremes. It should be an interesting time. If they have the internet over there, I will try to blog.

Unfortunately, my cold continues to rage on. Last night, when I went to the women's preaching event, I had this wave of exhaustion overcome me between 7:45 and 8 p.m., so I left early and came back to my room to take a nap. I ended up waking up about a half hour later, shivering from head to toe. I sincerely hope that was the crest and that I am on my way out of this business. I am trying to supress the effects of my cold through a strict drug regimen in order to keep myself limber for this upcoming flight. This includes rotating between Airborne, Dayquil and the best-tasting cold medicine in the world, Alka Seltzer Plus Cold. I am also trying to keep myself well hydrated. So, hopefully the cold will know that I mean business and will make haste.

I am nearly packed - I just have to pack various sundry items as well as my carry-on bag. I am extremely proud of myself that I have managed to pack for the entire week in a small carry-on bag. I will not carry it on, but I will make sure to point it out to the boys who yesterday were making fun of women and their inability to pack efficiently. I myself am impressed with my efficiency, as this is literally the smallest carry-on rolling suitcase ever and I have lamented over buying it several times, especially because my larger suitcase is gargantuan and I am almost always at prey in getting charged for extra weight no matter what I pack in that one. I am also impressed because in addition to my clothes, I have also managed to pack a towel, as it is widely known that a towel is the most useful item when it comes to travel.

I have finished the painting, which you can see here. I have to scan it in properly at the library after lunch. To be honest, I fluctuate in my like for the piece. Depending on the day or hour I look at it, I either really like it or think it's fairly dull.

- Jenny, 3/09/2007 06:32:00 AM

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