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Thursday, March 22, 2007

One of my most favorite people to go for a drink with is the Scotsman. Last night he, Nick and I went to Winberries to get a drink (or two) and David was in full-form, saying some particularly funny things. A couple of highlights for me were when he said the following two statements:
- "I think I've discovered mustard in a new way over here."
- "I've been surprised at the lack of charlie over here...that's so unfair."

In all fairness, that second quote is taken (only slightly) out of context. When he heard that I was going to blog these, the Scotsman was concerned about his reputation because some of his UK friends read this blog. Rest assured, the Scotsman is fairly morally upright. Probably considerably more than I am. If he were writing things down that I was saying, he could probably have a field day on his blog...but he's probably too morally upright and gentlemanly to do so.

My favorite time of the day on Thursdays is 12:31 p.m. because it means that I am finished with the week. These last six weeks or so are going to be a bear.

So remember way back when I had a phone interview with a church at 9 p.m. on a Friday night? It was the same night when I watched Green Street Hooligans (and was shocked to hear of the extreme soccer violence the UK has), then I patiently waited over an hour for this guy to call. Well, he never did and then a week or two later he emailed seeing if he could re-schedule the call and then we re-scheduled and then he emailed to reschedule again, etc., etc., etc. Long before I actually even talked to the church (in fact, even before the guy stood me up) I decided that I was absolutely uninterested in this church; I went through the interview only because I felt that I made my bed and now I had to lie in it.

Well - yesterday in the mail I got a rejection notice from them! What are they thinking sending me a rejection notice? I'm the one who rejected them! They can't reject me! Tracey has had a similar experience where she was asked to submit a PIF to a church and she wasn't interested so she never did and then months later they sent her a rejection letter! What is it with these churches?! So in an email to me today, she has proposed an ingenious scheme:
Perhaps we should start writing letters after our interviews that read "Thank you for you time last evening. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the committee and it is evident that you have many God-given gifts that will be used to enhance the life of the church. (You might insert here - such as, being able to ask questions one after the other and move around the circle in the room decently and in order.) I do wish that I could continue to get to know every committee more. However, at this time, I do not feel lead to continue employment negotiations with you. May you be blessed as you continue in your service of God. Sincerely...

I think this is a perfect way to ensure I don't get erroneous rejection letters ever again.

- Jenny, 3/22/2007 09:17:00 AM

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