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Monday, March 26, 2007

Late last night I returned from a short weekend with Tracey in exciting Laurel, Maryland.

I drove down on Saturday morning (it always surprises me how non-congested the 95 is as compared to the 5) and met up with Tracey around lunchtime. We made turkey sandwiches at her apartment (she was shocked that I neither wanted to put mayonaise or butter on my sandwich - gross x 2 - but instead was content to put balsamic vinaigrette dressing on my sandwich...maybe that's the California in me?) and hung out for the afternoon until we went to Panda Express (there is no better fast-food Chinese) for dinner right before going to the Emmylou Harris concert at the symphony hall in Baltimore. The concert was titled "Black Tie and Blue Jeans," which led many men to assume that was the dress-code for the evening.

Tracey is a huge Emmylou fan and I am only a recent fan of her music, as it reminds me of the Indigo Girls, whom I love. Both of these artists are quasi country-western, a genre of music I do not have much tolerance for. So, it was somewhat advantageous that we arrived at the concert late so as to miss a good portion of the first act, Laura Bryna. It would have been more advantageous if we had missed the whole act altogether, as Laura was SO bad. Laura was so quintessentially country, that we couldn't help but start laughing uncontrollably when she opened her last song with some statement like, "We all have problems...myself, I've seen my share of them..." I was already laughing so hard when she said that that when she followed that statement with "my dad died and then my brother had an aneurism..." I just couldn't stop laughing, which made me feel really bad because there were some people in the section who started crying because this concert was also a fundraiser for cerebral palsy. Who's the jerk? Me. (and Tracey...she was laughing, too.) But I just couldn't help it, not even when she started singing the Make-a-wish song that (in my opinion) was just lame. Thankfully, that was the end of her set, so Tracey and I relocated ourselves to some better seats where there weren't as many people around so that we could continue to be disruptive without annoying people.

After the concert we went to get a drink at this bar in Laurel called the Green Turtle, where I felt both intimidated and old (it was SO loud).

Sunday morning I went to the church Tracey is working at for service and then we had lunch at the Rams Head Tavern ("where great minds meet") where I got, amongst lunch items, a sunburn because we ate outside since the weather was fantastic. Later on that night we made a pasta dish together for dinner, watched some Vicar of Dibley on my laptop and then parted ways in the late evening.

In all, a great weekend. Having these nice vacation bits inserted in this last semester is both wonderful and horrible because when I return the absolute last thing I want to do is finish all of these remaining assignments before graduation. I suppose it's true - I have a major case of senioritis.

- Jenny, 3/26/2007 06:22:00 AM

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