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Friday, March 30, 2007

I've just lost my whole post that I wrote because I stupidly closed the browser window...very disappointing and yet, I can only be disappointed in myself. Here is a brief reconstruction:

Today the birds woke me up about 15 minutes earlier than my alarm. It was a pleasant surprise and called for, as I have a lot of work to do today. I am sure, however, that the birds' song will not be as enchanting if this becomes a regular occurrence. Since I was up and since it was still breakfast time in the cafeteria, I decided to go down and get some breakfast to bring back to my room. I haven't gone down for breakfast hardly any time this year because I can't seem to wake up in time, so I usually go with a yogurt in my room. But today was different so I got dressed and decided not to brush my teeth, despite having the most repulsive morning breath ever. I figured that I just wouldn't talk to anyone, which is really easy to do in the morning, especially if you're not a morning person (which I, clearly, am not).

Upon arriving in the cafeteria, I was quite disappointed in the breakfast selection. I am not a huge breakfast fan, but usually there's at least something that's mildly appealing to me. In this case, there was not, so I settled with getting a bagel and some fruit, both of which were surprisingly good. While I was selecting and slicing my bagel, one of the nicest men on campus - Chip - came up to me and offered a friendly morning greeting. Now Chip is the kind of guy where if you're going to talk to him, you want to talk face-to-face, simply because he's so nice. That's just what I started to do, until I remembered that I had the worst morning breath ever. So I turned back and offered a reciprocal friendly morning greeting whilst "concentrating" on slicing my bagel. Embarrassing situation avoided.

Last night, on the spur of the moment, I went out to get some ice cream with Emily. Now before you ask me how my 8-10 exegesis paper is coming along (you know, the one that's due on Monday morning), let me just say that I had at this point already gone to the library and gotten some references and was busy reading them. I may not have any words on the page, per se, but I have begun to think about the verse and have thought about the direction I want to go in writing it. It is generally true, however, that whenever I have something big due, this is precisely the time when I desperately want to paint (I want to paint so badly right now, but have barred myself). It's also the time when I want to go to bed at 10 p.m. (whereas my normal bedtime is 12 a.m.) and also the time when going out for ice cream randomly sounds fantastic.

Now it's not like I didn't like ice cream when I lived in California, because I did...I just didn't think it was "all that." Since I have moved to New Jersey, however, I love ice cream. I don't know what has precipitated this change, whether it's that ice cream is better quality in NJ or has more interesting flavors or what-have-you. All I know is that I like it much more. Additionally, because I am so strange (maybe "eccentric" would be...more flattering), I have found that the colder it is, the more I want to eat ice cream. What's the most perfect dessert in the dead of winter? Ice cream, of course. I'm not really sure why this is...maybe because I detest eating soupy ice cream (gross!), or maybe because it makes my innards colder, making the outside warmer to me. Not sure. All I know is that I love ice cream, especially when it's cold (and not soupy).

My plans for this weekend are nothing special. Tonight I will take the president of the seminary to the airport, then I'll go to the Gold Patron's Party (GPP), which is the annual party on the dorm floor above mine. I'm not feeling in a party mood (at this point), so maybe I'll just do a quick go-round and then retire to my room early. Tomorrow I have a catering gig to do in the late morning/early afternoon and then I hope to take a pleasant walk around Princeton to enjoy the spring weather. I might also have dinner with Emily and Joanne. And I suppose I ought to write that paper. Sunday I'll go to church and then will likely spend the rest of the afternoon/evening writing my paper (likely worrying that I won't finish it in time). Ah...sounds like fun.

- Jenny, 3/30/2007 05:22:00 AM

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