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Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm back from the Philadelphia Flower Show and I am completely tired. I took random blog visitor Michael Bruce's advice and took the train into Philly. However, I took the SEPTA, which is closer to Princeton. It was my first time on the SEPTA...I hope it will also be my last.

The flower show was good, although very crowded. I left around 1 p.m., simply because I couldn't take the crowds any longer. Up until then, however, I looked at the exhibits. My pictures are here, although I note that it is extremely hard to take good pictures in a dark convention center with millions of people swarming around the exhibits. Here are some highlights, some of which display typical American stereotypes of the Irish:

- There were some awesome miniature arrangements
- And really cool terrariums and bonsais
- I don't think I have enough discipline to be a botanical watercolorist. I'll just stick with my style.
- I believe the prefered term is "Little Narcissus"
- Who knew Ireland has velociraptors?
- The Irish are crazy drunkards
- Here is a typical Irish church.
- Some good driving advice I saw on the way home.

Yesterday was my 1/2 birthday, which means in 1.5 more years, I will be 30 years old. As you may be aware, Tracey and I share the same exact birthday (date and year), so we talked last night and have decided that when we turn 30, we're going to go on some very exotic trip to a place where neither of us have been.

I am completly exhausted and think I'll take a nap, despite the fact that my room is disheveled and I have a huge midterm tomorrow that I have to continue to study for.

- Jenny, 3/05/2007 01:11:00 PM

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