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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am in Scotland and have only limited access to the internet. I have begun a post on my Mac that describes my adventure thus far, but cannot post it because I cannot get internet to my Mac. I think I will take it along with me to Glasgow tomorrow to find an internet cafe and post while I am up there. Meanwhile, I am checking my email periodically through Josh's computer.

My trip in a nutshell: it has been good. The first few days have been wet, but the last couple of days have been relatively dry and pretty. The people here are intelligible so long as they don't speak too quickly. The people here are also very friendly. I have had very little jetlag, which is amazing, and my cold seems to be on the outs.

Details about my ventures are forthcoming.

Notes of other importance:
- Received an email from some random pastor in NJ the other day asking if he could use my Nativity painting in a PowerPoint presentation he is doing. That Nativity painting sure is doing the rounds. I have an idea for a painting of the crucifixion, I just have to make time to work on it.

- Have seen that I got an email from Kay from the Barons of Hindhead - subject: Wedding Cars. Not exactly sure what this was, I clicked on and they're a BMW dealer located somewhere in the UK and is apparently sending me information about renting a car for my wedding. I'd like to know what wedding they're speaking of, not because I have so many in the works, but because I didn't know I was getting married. When you're single, you just don't remember these things. Anyhow, this is a friendly BMW dealer, as she emailed back shortly to ask me if I wanted to bring my fiancee with me to her birthday party. Unfortunately, it's on April 5th, so I won't be able to make it. But my fiancee, depending on who he is and where he lives, might be able to make it. I'll let Kay know and ask her to send me his email.

Ok, well, I think the plan is to get fish & chips with Noah, Tony and Josh tonight. I both hope there is a chicken option as well as brown sauce, which I tried on Sunday and found to be delicious.

- Jenny, 3/13/2007 11:33:00 AM

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