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Thursday, March 01, 2007

As you can see, I have a lot of things I could potentially blog about, but I have remembered that I forgot to blog about the most ridiculous thing I saw when I was shopping at Brookstone for a set of electrical outlet converters for my trip to Scotland (which is next week!). Brookstone is selling - get this - travel socks. Now, I thought the whole thing about socks (in general) is that they are inherently designed for travel. You do, afterall, place them on your feet, which are primarily used by most of humanity to get from one place to the other. Additionally, I love that they market these socks as "machine washable." Who, in their right mind, would get their socks dry-cleaned? I would sincerely like to know how many people have been suckered into this purchase.

Well, I've had a couple more interviews this week and have generally been disappointed by them. I've had about four interviews in the past two weeks and I am actually fairly glad that I have no more scheduled for the horizon just now. I'm tired, frankly, of answering interview questions. I kind of feel like I'm in a cage at the zoo. People are looking at me, sizing me up, and then they move on to the next cage, trying to discern which is their favorite animal.

Anyway, I got my final paper for Ethics back last night. These were the three sermons I wrote on almsgiving, prayer and fasting (when I turned them in, I didn't think they were very great, but they were acceptable enough for me to turn in so that I could work on my other final papers). I got a fairly good grade on them, but the comment attached with the grade is classic: Jennifer, this is very strong and well-chosen. It needs a bit more nuance and reflection on implications, but it is very much on the right track; with some inconsistencies. So, what is it? Strong and well-chosen? Or a bit shallow and un-thought out? Am I on the right track, or am I inconsistent? Ah, it makes me laugh. Maybe I have a future in politics.

If you are in the UK and do not want to read about LOST, you should not read any further until Sunday after your new episode airs.

So LOST last night. I found it whimsical, but boring overall. I think it's interesting how Hurley's episodes are definitely lighter in character and how it doesn't seem that much is covered. I really was hoping this episode would delve more into Hurley's past in the psych hospital (as I am still insanely curious to know what business Libby had there) and so, was disappointed that I instead got to see Cheech as Hurley's dad. I really liked, however, when Hurley's mom covered Jesus' ears when she told Hurley that she had needs. Hilarious. And I loved when Sawyer was interacting with Jin, telling him the three English phrases he'll ever need in dealing with women. I was intrigued when the psychic said that war is coming. Although Cheech paid her to do it, I wonder if that will be prophetic for the Losties v. the Others, because I cannot see why Cheech would pay her to say such a thing because Hurley wasn't dealing with any sort of notion of war. I also wonder when Hurley was saying "there is no curse - you make your own luck" if that also applies to Charlie...if that takes his death curse off of him? I also think the contrast of making your own luck is interesting. By definition, you can't make luck. And wouldn't putting a curse on someone be making luck?

- Jenny, 3/01/2007 07:03:00 AM

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