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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ah, today is absolutely beautiful. For the first time I've seen trees begin to spring here, so we are on the verge of my most favorite season.

We're also on the verge of allergy season. I do get allergies during this time, but I don't get the normal sneezing/runny eyes. I get these massive headaches and itchy inner ears (which is absolutely horrible). I do have allergy medicine - but it is not helpful if I forget to take it (which happens almost every day).

So the other day when I was looking up whether I was spelling the Scottish flag correctly for this picture, I learned something really neat that I think most Americans are unaware of. (If you are American, and either did or didn't know about this, let me know in the comments, as I'd be curious). The Scottish flag is called a saltire (pronounced fairly similarly to "Psalter," at least the way Danny says it). When I was looking at the saltire entry on Wikipedia, I learned that the Union Jack, the flag representing Great Britain, is an amalgamation of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I told Tracey (who's from Northern Ireland) about my newfound knowledge this past weekend and she was fairly nonplussed and thought this was pedestrian knowledge. But I maintain that your average American is fully unaware of this. Right? Or am I just really behind? Also, as I was glancing over the Union Jack page on Wikipedia (who else loves Wikipedia?), I learned that vexillology is the scholarly study of flags and that they have their very own flag (which is quite fitting). Who knew that there are people who study flags for a living? Not me, but now I do thanks to Wikipedia.

Two of my good friends share their birthdays today. Terrence is 29 today. Here is a picture of us from about three years ago. Although I am wearing a Princeton sweatshirt in the picture, I think this is before I started at Princeton. I certainly can only offer apologies for my haircut. This is precisely why I try to blow-dry the curl out of it. It looks awful in that picture. (Although I have never dyed my hair, I'm not quite sure what color my hair is. I'd say it's blonde, but there it looks a little reddish-brown, doesn't it?) Anyway - little tidbit - Terrence and I met at my old job and initiallly hated each other, but have since reconciled and have been good friends ever since.

Today is also Ann's birthday. Ann likes to take random pictures of herself with my digital camera, so it was hard to select only one picture (because I do have some gems of her). I think Ann is turning 25 this year, although I'm not quite certain of that. I do know that I have sent her this card. (Ann, do not look at the picture of the card until you get it in the mail - it is much more spectacular in person...everyone else - you absolutely must look at the is a treasure.) Ann I met my first day of seminary and have had many fun adventures since then...that is, up until this year as she is doing her Lutheran year in Minnesota. There have been many instances this year when I've thought to myself, "If only Ann were here..."

- Jenny, 3/28/2007 12:02:00 PM

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