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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today and yesterday, upon going out, I have felt that it has been lovely outside. It reminds me a bit of the Ventura county beaches, which are gusty and wonderful. I love the wind and I love it even more when it's gusty. It doesn't quite feel like the Ventura county beaches outside, mostly because it's still in the high teens as far as temperature, but it does make me excited to go outside.

It probably feels even slightly better than normal outside simply because I'm having a pretty good day today. After lunch I came back up to my room to read over the position description for the church I interviewed with this afternoon. My initial thought when signing up for the interview way back when was that I might be interested in about half the position. Then, when I re-read the position description, I wondered if I really even read the position description when signing up for the interview because it sounded completely different from what I thought the position was (to its detriment). So, I just went over and interviewed and actually had a wonderful time talking with the pastor. It just felt so natural and un-interview-like, sorta like my interview went with the first church/pastor I interviewed with. So, I don't know what will happen with this, but it's at least very nice to have a pleasant conversation with someone.

Last night I bought my ticket to Scotland in March. (!) At lunch I was talking with Aaron, among others. Aaron used to live in Edinburg (for a semester, maybe?) and raves about his favorite Scottish "delicacy," which is a deep-fried cheeseburger (I love how one of the Flickr tags is "food...justbarely"). I remember Aaron telling me about this last fall when I was going to London/Scotland and how he was saying that I should try one. To be honest, I just don't think I could. I'm sure it tastes great (otherwise, why would it exist?), but I just don't know if I could get around knowing that I was eating one of the most unhealthy things on the planet...not that I eat super-healthy, but... The best thing was when I returned and saw Aaron, I exclaimed, "Hey! I brought you back a cheeseburger!" You should have seen the hope and glistening of his eye only to be crushed with dejection when he realized I was joking. I am a cruel, cruel person.

Anyway, what does it say about me that when I was buying my ticket online last night that, again, I was considering, "Hmm...if I request this seat in the back of the plane, what if we crash on some island? I generally dislike all of the LOST tailies...I hope the people I'm surrounded by are a lot cooler than those people..."

It means that I love the show LOST. In fact, last night it was discovered...or maybe not discovered, but more revealed that I really like Henry Gale (I do not prefer his new name of Ben) and that I also like Juliet. I just find them so interesting. And Tom did some interesting stuff last night, too. I'd like to know more about them.

[this might contain spoilers, but really inadvertently and will involve more conjecture than substance]
I thought last night's episode was really good and had a lot of action sort of spread throughout the whole show, instead of having everything happen within the last ten minutes (which is not uncalled for in LOST). When we found out Juliet's sister was pregnant, I knew that the womb they showed Juliet must be her womb, and I also knew when she blurted out that her ex-husband should be run over by a bus that it would happen and that the creepy recruiter would be behind it somehow. I wonder if, when that guy who was trying to recruit Juliet said that they were in Portland, if that small island the Others are on is called Portland, and that's how the people can get off the island in order to interact with the rest of the world, since a literal meaning of Portland could mean a land or place where people or merchandise can either enter or leave a country. Anyway, to be honest, I am over the love triangle of Jack, Kate and Sawyer...mostly because I find Jack to be increasingly jerkish and cannot stand his outbursts when he yells controllingly at people. I usually roll my eyes and think, "get over yourself, already." (Kinda like how I feel about Michael, who annoys me to high heaven.)

So, I am excited that next week we'll be returning to the main island with the rest of the characters and am intrigued that it will be a Desmond flashback, as I am interested in what's going on with him.

- Jenny, 2/08/2007 12:02:00 PM

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