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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So far, this week has been alive with fun lunch conversations. The first one being on Sunday when the Scotsman was incredibly manic after having spent the entire morning teaching a group of small children in Sunday school.

Then, today's lunch conversation was hilarious. It all started when Jill sat down with us and happened to mention that she has a brother. Then Joy (all innocently, in a conniving type of way) asked how old her brother was and whether he was dating anyone, to which she responded 27 and no. Then Penny jumped in, asking what Jill's brother did, following up her question by asking what Jill's brother's spiritual gifts were. It is increasingly obvious to me that Penny and Joy were trying to work the system and set me up with Jill's brother, whom no one has met (other than Jill, of course). It was funny that Penny asked about his spiritual gifts because this is slyly making fun of the time when I went on a date with a guy last year who claimed (very modestly) that he had all of the spiritual gifts. (apparently the Holy Spirit was extra generous with him) Meanwhile, I am innocently trying to eat my chili after a long two hours of learning about how Presbyterianism came to America. Conversation about finding a mate and Myers-Briggs personality types ensued. Then Eric, the sole male at our table, mentioned about how he came to seminary to find a good woman and that is why he takes all of the women's studies classes, to which I asked him why he wasn't in my women's preaching class - apparently it's at the same time as the Old Testament women's study class, which was quite upsetting for him. He also was unable to take the Asian-American women's study class. It has been a difficult semester for Eric.

THEN somehow the conversation diverted to talking about which character in the Bible would be your ideal mate (only in seminary would this sort of conversation come up). Penny talked about how Peter was the man for her for various reasons and a couple of other people explained who their mate would be. I then inserted that my perfect biblical mate would be Bartholomew, mainly to be funny because he's barely even mentioned, and even when he is, there's absolutely no information about him. The absolute funniest part of the conversation was when Eric said with some amount of seriousness that his ideal biblical mate would be Jephtha's daughter. You have to know her story to understand why it's both ridiculous and funny. I pointed out that she is not only obedient, but she also seems to want to have a good time (what, with coming out with tambourine and dancing and all).

Maybe this was a "you had to be there" type of conversation. Or maybe it's a seminary thing. Just like how when I saw The Painted Veil with some seminary friends this past weekend (the movie was incredible by the way...maybe I'll talk a bit more about it tomorrow). In the movie, there was this one line said by this Catholic nun about the Church of England (I can't remember exactly what she said--I am horrible with quoting movies--but essentially about how the Church of England doesn't believe in anything) and our whole group of 5 burst out with laughter and the rest of the theatre was absolutely silent. Seminary does strange things to people, like play with their sense of humor. I wonder if the writers intended for that line to be funny...

- Jenny, 2/27/2007 10:22:00 AM

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