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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Remember earlier this week when I wanted a blizzard to come through so that school would close? Well, we didn't have a blizzard last fact, it looks like there's really only an inch or so out there. But that was enough for German Martinez to declare today as a snow day! Thank goodness for German Martinez...sure, we may have to put up with a gazillion weekly emails regarding pool closures and sprinkler testing - but no one should knock the guy who has the power to declare a snow day.

But the thing is that last night I completed all of my work for this week. So...I guess I'll get started on the massive amounts of homework I have due next week and the week after. And I have a bunch of graphic design to do this week... So, although I don't need a snow day anymore, I will try to make it work in my favor.

Tonight Penny, Joy, Katy, some other girls and I are going out to dinner at Chuck E Cheeses (wow, that is a fairly lame website). Chuck E Cheeses was a restaurant that I was not permitted to go to as a child. I know that I have been there once...maybe twice, but certainly not more than that because my dad HATES Chuck E Cheeses with a passion and never allowed me to go there, despite my begging. I was also never allowed to watch Pippi Longstocking because my dad thinks that she subverts authority. I think I came home one time this summer and saw Carrie watching Pippi on our TV and told her that she better turn it off before my dad came home. Sure enough, when he came home, he was upset that she was watching the show.

Although the seminary is closed today due to snow, the wonderful thing is that LOST is not cancelled tonight. It is on. I think it's interesting that they're showing last week's episode at 9 p.m. and then this week's new episode at 10. I may re-watch last week's episode just because you can pick up little things when you re-watch past episodes. I have resumed listening to my favorite LOST podcast and it seems that there are some interesting theories going on out there... Additionally, Jay and Jack gave a spoiler about tonight's episode with Desmond (I think as learned on EW) and I am anxious to see what happens...

- Jenny, 2/14/2007 06:47:00 AM

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