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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Later in the day yesterday, Tracey and I drove into Baltimore and saw that it has a lot to offer on a random Saturday night. Seemed like there was a lot to do and that there were a lot of people out and about. We went to B.O.P. to sample Baltimore's "best" pizza place. (As an aside, how can places like Papa John's, a national chain, be voted as best pizza in Baltimore?) When we got to BOP, Tracey was doubtful that it would be a good pizza, but actually it was really good. Both of us were impressed and especially liked the bottom of the crust. So if you find yourself in Baltimore looking to eat some pizza, check out BOP.

Last night we also watched The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio, which is probably one of the hardest, saddest and most unredeeming movies I have watched in a long time. The website calls it a heartwarming memoir, but I don't know what was heartwarming about it. Mostly it just made Tracey and I glad that we're not married. Unlike BOP, I would not recommend this movie, unless you want fodder about why one should not be married.

Today I woke up and met Tracey at her new church. We played it that we didn't know each other so that she could see if people were nice to her only because she's their new intern. But, actually, I found people at the church to be quite friendly, which was surprising (probably due to the considerable unfriendliness of NJ churches). The service was nice-enough, although there was a person there who was preaching a candidating sermon. When a Presbyterian church is looking for a new pastor, they will ask their candidate to deliver a sermon at a nearby congregation and then the committee who is looking to hire the pastor will attend the service and gague how the pastor does, what the sermon is like, etc. So this guy who was preaching his candidating sermon for this church was awful. Well, he might be very nice, I do not know. But his sermon was completely awful. He used 1 Corinthians 13 to talk about the phrase that love bears the unbearable. His sermon consisted of no explanation of what love that bears the unbearable actually means, or what Paul meant for it to mean - nothing of that. Really, no mention of the scripture once the text was read. What the sermon actually ended up being was a movie review on several movies, including Million Dollar Baby. Not only did the pastor tell the whole movie plot (which is pretty huge for that movie because there really is an element of surprise of what the movie is actually about), but he also mentioned the very controversial subject of euthanasia but refused to talk about its moral or ethical implications. One wonders why he even brought it up, since he also didn't mention the connection between the movie and love that bears the unbearable. Overall, it gave Tracey and I a lot of hope that we can preach in a much more substantive manner.

Then after church Tracey was supposed to go to confirmation class, but she skipped out of it in order to eat shepherd's pie with me in her office. This was only the second time ever I had shepherd's pie and was surprised that it was a lot tastier than the first time. Then I left to come back to her apartment and work on homework (aka blogging) while she went to go and meet someone for the first time ever. The person did not talk back, as it was his viewing. So she and the pastor went there for a few minutes and then she came back much earlier than I expected and now I have not finished any of my homework. Looks like it'll be a long night once I return back to Princeton...

- Jenny, 2/11/2007 10:56:00 AM

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