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Friday, February 16, 2007

I am feeling sufficiently better today.

Last night in this book I was reading about how birth order affects your personality and how you interact with others. Without a doubt, it seems that I am the quintessential oldest sister to younger brother type. But when I was reading the section on youngest brother to oldest sister, I did not think that the description really matched my brother at all.

I am slowly working my way toward email nirvana. This week my inbox(es) exploded and now I have 60 in my school account, 30-ish in my gmail and 40-ish in my AOL. Some can be read and discarded, but a good number require responses. Last night I set aside an hour for gmail and AOL and ended up only writing two (or maybe 3) emails. This morning I was a little better and set aside an hour for my school account and managed to get it down from 80+ to 60-ish. Not bad. But, as Ann would point out, the email buddha recommends not getting too enveloped in the task so that the task does not overcome you.

For whatever reason, it feels like just today, three weeks into the semester, I have realized that I do not have classes on Fridays. I cannot remember what I've done the previous two Fridays, but I should maintain not scheduling anything on Fridays, as today has been quite lovely and looks like it will continue to be lovely. I think I have plans with Penny, Joy and Jessica to see either The Painted Veil or Music and Lyrics.

- Jenny, 2/16/2007 10:18:00 AM

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