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Friday, January 26, 2007

Well, I'm house-sitting again for 10 year-old Brian and the 18 year-old twin girls. I started last night and so far everything has been fairly standard. The twins don't seem to have resentment toward me for the incident last fall when I got angry that they brought home 20 of their closest teenage friends at 11:30 p.m. (see posts on 11/19 & 20), nor do I have any resentment toward them regarding the incident. This gig is a short one (only until Saturday morning), and I already survived one of the toughest parts - getting Brian to the schoolbus on time. It was dicey this morning, as we have to leave the house at 7:40-ish and Brian was still in bed at 7:15, moves at the hurried speed of molasses, and hadn't yet told me what he wanted me to make him for breakfast. I have to get him to his basketball game early tomorrow morning (I think it's at 8 a.m.), so that may be a challenge (but I'm trying not to think about it).

I've asked him what he wants to do tonight and he said he wanted to play ping pong. This is a usual pastime of ours. It entails us going down into their basement and playing ping pong for at least one hour while Brian sort of dances around and sings the chorus to Sweet Caroline over and over (no doubt he would fall in line with the Scots who allegedly love to sing karaoke to Neil Diamond in their pubs). Then after about a half-hour of straight playing, I usually will concoct some way to make playing more fun (for me - because I can get a little bored with playing ping pong hours on end). Last time, I had us try two different things - one way we switched to random objects as our paddles, the second way we saw if we could sustain two balls at once (with regular paddles). I guess I'll have to be thinking of ways I can make tonight's playing a little more interesting. Or maybe I can convince him to play a little pool after we play a sufficient amount of ping pong.

But now I am sort of lazily sitting on their couch as one of their housekeepers cleans one of the seven (7!) bathrooms in the house, trying to coax myself to get in the shower and start my day. Today is supposed to be extremely frigid. Right now, my new favorite weather forecasting website says that it is 12 degrees outside, but feels like -3 (that's -12C, feels like -19 to my UK friends). Yipes! Actually, when I took Brian to the bus stop earlier this morning (you know, when it was 7F outside), it didn't feel that bad, but then again, the wind wasn't blowing too hard and I only had to walk from the house to the car.

Tomorrow I pick up that dastardly biblical exegesis exam. This is the one I have to pass in order to continue on for ordination. I've decided to write about Ruth rather than Acts, so I'll read through Ruth again and look in some more commentaries. I won't get the exact passage until tomorrow at noon (I turn in the exam this coming Thursday morning), but I kind of have a feeling that the passage might be from Ruth 3. I have no idea what I'll even begin to write for the exam. Please - I am desperate for your prayers - I would love to pass, but even more so to be encouraged in the midst of the process.

Ok - I think it's time for me to actually do something. Plus, the housekeeper looks like she might be interested in straightening the couch...

- Jenny, 1/26/2007 05:40:00 AM

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