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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, I have just arrived home from the monastery to 20+ emails in my gmail account, 30+ in my AOL account and 15+ in my Princeton account. Most in gmail and AOL are spam, but there are a number that I have to respond to. Additionally, I came home to four voicemail messages, which boggles my mind because I rarely ever get any phone calls - why do all of these people call at once?

The thing is that when I was at the monastery, I missed (to an extent) blogging and being on my computer and also watching TV (which is bizarre, since I watch so little TV), yet now that I'm home I find myself just sort of staring at these various things wondering what to do with them and where to even start.

Being at the monastery was a good thing for me. I feel like I had a lot of time to just think and pray about my next steps after seminary and I feel like some things may be clarified. I also had a ton of time to read and I managed to paint three times while I was there:

The first painting I did was of my room, entitled St. Luke.
The second painting I did was of a lamp in the room St. Gregory.
The third painting I did was in the hallway which led to my room.
(All three paintings have a short journal note attached to them.)

I am somewhat discouraged by these paintings, I think, because I feel that they are kind of boring. The colors are so-so and the compositions leave much to be desired, although I do see progress in them, as I think I improved with each one. I think the composition and the colors in the third one are getting much better. I will place a little bit of blame - the paint in my travel watercolor kit feels stale, so I feel like the colors weren't laying down as vibrantly as they would have if I would have taken my larger palette. Also, it was fairly dark in the monastery (although they have lamps practically everywhere, I think the building just lends itself to have an overall dim lighting), so it was hard for me to tell what colors, exactly, I was laying down. I think the moral in this story (that is really only interesting to me) is that I should really paint more in order to be more consistent and, therefore, happier with the results I get.

NOW - onto dinner and then emails.

- Jenny, 1/24/2007 01:37:00 PM

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