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Friday, January 12, 2007

Well, I finished and turned in both my Ethics sermons and my Atonement paper yesterday afternoon. Although I don't know if I have enough to talk for 20 pages about for this paper due on Tuesday, the Ethics final seems like it was the most stressful one, probably because I really didn't know what I was doing until it felt like much too late.

So last night I began working on my final final for my Shakespeare and the Bible class. It involves the movie Jesus of Montreal. I've known that I was going to write about this movie since October, so I sequestered the DVD through Netflix so that I would have it handy to watch again and take notes and stuff. Well, I took that disc home with me and, conveniently, left it at home when I was coming back to Princeton. Smart, right? Well, perhaps not. So late yesterday afternoon I went to the library to see if they had a copy, and they did, which I checked out, but it's VHS, and I don't have a VHS machine (I'd have to go to the basement and watch it). So, I then checked the university's library and they only had the VHS, and I'm not sure where they store their A/V materials - it seems like it's this wacko off-site place. So then I checked the Princeton Public and found the DVD. So, I walked there, checked it out and brought it home. The thing is that it's only a day rental, so I have to return it today. I watched it twice over last night, took notes and stuff and am debating...should I take it back today and not incur the late fee (and then if I need to watch it again, take the VHS down to the basement and watch the particular segment I want)? Or, should I keep it until I'm finished with my paper. I'm just not sure.

As you can probably guess, today I'm going to work on that final. I am not ready to write anything just yet - I still have some research to do. But maybe if I'm really good I can start writing tomorrow.

- Jenny, 1/12/2007 07:11:00 AM

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