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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Well, have successfully completed all research for my atonement paper. And I have ideas about which to discuss in the paper. Including taking some shots of different crucifixes that the Catholic hospital I'm working at has around its grounds. They are varied (mostly because of the evolution of the hospital through time) and it is interesting to see which crucifixes are in which areas of the hospital. What is frustrating, however, is coming up with the first paragraph of my paper. I think I maybe have the first sentence...but I'm having a miserable time finding words to continue on. I've heard some people say write the first paragraph last, but that just sounds so backwards to me, since the first paragraph sets up where you're going in a paper.

Anyway, I went bowling this morning with Dave and Nathaniel. This is perhaps the first time I've been bowling in awhile...perhaps even more than a year. I like to bowl, but am not very good at it. My first game was a fairly strong game for me - at 101 points, but then the second game definitely humbled me with a score of 51. I am often wildly inconsistent. The average of those two games is my usual average for when I play a lot.

It was fun to get out and bowl, but now I have to try to apply myself before I go into work again today at 1.

- Jenny, 1/02/2007 10:33:00 AM

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