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Friday, January 26, 2007

SO - in anticipation that I may not have much time to post in the coming days with my exam, I plan on writing the answers to this quiz below today (Friday morning) and then posting it tomorrow (Saturday) to give you all something to read until I next write:

1. First thing you wash in the shower?
My hair. If I tried to start with something else, I think I might very well end up washing my hair with the bar of soap, considering that I'm fairly zombie-like in the morning.

2. What color is your favorite hoodie?
I like my medium-grey Princeton one.

3. Do you like coffee?
No. Well, I do occasionally like one of those ice-cold whipped coffee and cream drinks, but that's not really coffee. Now, if I had coffee like that one cup I had in Kenya, I might like coffee a lot.

4. How do you get to school?
Considering that I live on campus, I usually walk.

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?
Perfectly fine.

6. What's the last letter of your crush's name?
Now, come on - giving away that would give away everything.

7. Do you say aim or a-i-m?
Usually I guess I say "instant messenger" because I use a combination of AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Gmail.

8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having.
I don't really remember my dreams at fact, I have no idea what I dreamt last night. However, the last one I can remember was sometime within the past two weeks or so and I think I was going out on a date with Hugh Grant, which I considered odd, since it's my dad who has a man crush on him.

9. Could you eat your favorite food everyday for a month?
Probably, but at the end of that month it might not be my favorite anymore.

10. What are you craving?
Lotion to put on my dry skin.

11. Do you brush your teeth?
Yes! With my beloved compact-head, medium-firmness Oral-B toothbrush that I LOVE! If they ever stop making it, I am in big trouble.

12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
This science experiment I did in my 11th grade chemistry class. We boiled red cabbage on a Friday and left it in our lab drawers until the following Monday for observation. People couldn't even walk into the science building without throwing up. The thought of boiled cabbage to this day grosses me out.

13. What color do you wear the most?
Carrie would probably say lavendar, but I disagree. I think my wardrobe is predominantly blue.

14. How old is your dad?
Um, I think he turns 54 later on this year.

15. Would you dance to the taco song?
I have no idea what the taco song is but, in general, I dislike dancing, so I will answer no.

16. Have you ever counted to 1,000?
Can't remember a time, but that's not to say that I couldn't (or wouldn't) count to 1,000.

17. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
Usually I just lick it...unless it's chunky, in which case I bite it.

18. Do you use smileys?
Yes, although I usually only use this one :), as I don't usually have much occasion to use this one :p or this one ;). This one :( comes up when someone tells me bad news.

19. How many bedrooms are in your house?
Well if the dormitory is technically my house, I think there's 80-something bedrooms in it. But if the dorm room is technically my house, 0 bedrooms, as it is one multipurpose room (with bedroom, living room, home office and closet all in one). But if you're talking about my house in California, that would be 3.

20. Have you ever met a celebrity?
Yes; it's really not that interesting.

21. Do you like cottage cheese?
I cannot tolerate lumpy dairy.

22. What's the last song you had stuck in your head?
"Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer.

23. How many countries have you visited?
I dunno...let's count (longest stay to shortest stay, not including layovers). Jamaica (11 weeks), Kenya (16 days), Thailand (12 days), England (6 days), Canada (2 days), Scotland (12 hours), Burma (20 minutes). That would be 7, then. Next I think I would like to go to either somewhere in South America (Argentina? Chile?) or perhaps France. Neither place I really speak the language. Es una problema.

24. Are your parents strict?

25. Would you go sky diving?
No, there is nothing appealing about that.

26. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?
I'm not too fond of politicians in general. Let's just say I wouldn't seek out having a meal with GW, but I guess I wouldn't turn it down, either. Actually, I think I'd be much more interested in eating with GW's secret service people to see what that's like and see if they can reveal any secrets! Also I'd like to know how willing they would be to take a bullet and why they would ever do such a thing.

27. Would you throw potatoes at him?
No, there is nothing appealing about that.

28. Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in?
Just my personality.

29. Have you ever tried to get inside the refrigerator?
No, why would I ever try to do that? Hasn't anyone seen that Punky Brewster episode? (Ha! You must watch that video.) (Then, after you watch that one, go here for the next segment and the conclusion is found here.)

30. Do you rent movies often?
I always seem to have 3 on hand.

31. Who sits in front of you in math class?
The last math class I had was my first year in undergrad...and I can't remember who it was who sat in front of me. Probably some joker who wanted to cheat off of me because I don't think I had anything less than a 98% in that class.

32. What color is your shirt?
It's a berry-colored long-sleeve v-neck shirt with a black camisole underneath.

33. What state are you from?

34. Can you count backwards from 74?
Probably, but sometimes I get lost and jump numbers whenever I count backwards. So it would not be as smooth as if I were counting to 74 forwards.

35. Where were you Thursday night?
At the house-sitting house, where nothing much was going on. I might have been helping Brian with his homework. We had to unscramble this word to figure out Santa's hobby. After awhile of tries (gingerran? dangering? digger something?), I turned to the trusty internet and found out Santa likes gardening. (hoe, hoe, hoe really should have given it away to us, but we're actually quite dim)

36. Brown or white eggs?

37. Like rap music?
Depending on the song and the artist, yes.

38. Ever taken a train?
Yes, many, many times. I like trains.

39. Experienced the twin towers falling in New York?
By experience if you mean waking up to having my dad call me to tell me to turn on the TV to watch the coverage at 7:30 a.m. PST and then watching for an hour or so and then driving into work and reading the news the whole day long while I listened to it on the radio with everyone in the office, yes. But if you mean if I was actually in the towers as they were falling, no.

40. Do you know who Skye Sweetnam is?
No, but I bet I could figure it out using the internet.

41. What day of the week is it?
Friday, just before noon.

42. What was your Lunch?
I don't know what I'm going to do for lunch. The dining hall is closed, so...maybe Panera for some soup on this blustery day.

43. What is your best friend doing tomorrow?
Not sure.

44. What does your screen name mean?
Well, my screenname now (iamthis) is a reversal of my first screenname (thisisi), both from high school (when I had obvious existential moments). I had to change it because my cousin David got us kicked off of our AOL plan by being obscene, so when we got AOL back a few months later, I tried to make a new name that was close to the original.

45. Ever had a cream puffs?
Yes, and I generally do not like them.

47. So, how about those Mets. How do they make you feel?
I feel rather ambivalent about the Mets, but I would like to catch a game of theirs before I leave NJ.

48. When was the last time you went to the movies?
Last Sunday when I took myself to see Dreamgirls.

50. What is your bus number for school?
I do not have a bus that takes me to school - I walk (if you can remember way back to item #4). However, in California, my experience is that only special students take the bus to school, so I don't get this whole schoolbus thing.

51. Is your hair curly?
Sometimes, but usually when I blow-dry my hair the intent is to make it straighter, with maybe curly endings. My hair is definitely more curly the humider it gets.

52. Last time you cried?
I might have cried last Saturday night when I was talking to Tracey regarding my upcoming biblical exegesis exam.

53. Ever walked into a wall?
Yes, and I always feel so foolish when I do. Sometimes, though, I just have better things to think about and pay attention to when I'm walking.

54. Favorite character in Scooby Doo?
Scooby Doo was much more my brother's type of show, so I can't remember a definite affinity for any of the characters. Maybe I'll say Shaggy.

55. Have you ever bought anything from Pac Sun?
I am sure I have probably bought flip flops or some type of skater shoe from them at some point.

56. Are you currently wearing socks?
Yes, black ones to match my black camisole.

57. Favorite time of the year?
I love the autumn. But since moving to NJ, I probably enjoy the spring just a tad more, as it is so great to see everything starting to bloom and for the days to be getting warmer. I think I like the autumn better in California because everything's always green (or brown, depending on the water supply) and the Santa Ana winds come out. I love those winds.

58. do you enjoy the sound of violins?
Yes! I love violins!

59. Are you a generally happy person?
Generally, yes, I am.

60. Are you wearing jeans?
Nope - I am wearing the yellow-colored khaki pants that one of my 80 year-old hospital patients commented had a nice cut to them.

61. Are you single?
Yep, story of my life. A rather boring story, actually, but a story nonetheless.

- Jenny, 1/26/2007 07:27:00 AM

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