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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Since Thursday night I have been eating, sleeping and dreaming Jesus of Montreal. Except for on Saturday afternoon when I went out with an 84 year-old man (Wayne's dad), who invited me out because over the past couple years I have been working with him on designing this book for him that is composed of a bunch of newsletter articles he has written over his lifetime while working at churches. I also went out this morning to go to church. Not my church, but another church that is more local and has a later service time (still have a touch of jet lag, although last night I took a Nyquil PM to help me go to sleep). Whenever I visit other churches, I just mainly miss my church here. The church I attended this morning was very friendly, but the hymns were quite difficult to sing and the sermon seemed to touch on just about everything without saying anything, really.

So, anyways, I have been quite diligent in writing my paper. I was so very tempted on Friday night to go out to a movie when I heard that peanut butter and provolone Peter was going to see a movie (he has a big lull - his next final is due on Friday). But I was firm and stayed in and worked on my paper (although I did watch one of my Netflix movies late that night). I have endured and now am at 4,000 words, which is about 2/3 done to my 20-page goal.

I entice myself to this dedication by thinking about all of the wonderful ways I can spend my time as soon as I am finished with this beast. I can go to a movie, I can get my nails done, I can clean up my room, I can buy a new battery for my laptop, I can watch TV, I can listen to all of the Religion and Ethics Newsweekly podcasts that I have piled up from the break, I can begin studying for my exegesis ordination exam, I could paint something - the possibilities are endless, really.

I just need to make it through these next 2,000 words.

I'd even settle for 1,500.

- Jenny, 1/14/2007 06:25:00 PM

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