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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new semester continues to go well. So far today I have had only one class, which is Presbyterian History and Theology. This class is team-taught by two church historians, one of which I have had for a class before, the other I haven't. So, I sat myself between Tony (nicknamed the Calvinator, but I think he could also go by PresbyTony - either work, really) and Curtis.

The professor I didn't know stood up and went over the syllabus and stuff, but it seemed much more like he was trying out a potential stand-up comedy act. Then as he began his lecture about the Scottish reformation, the first item of business was playing a video for us of a soccer match (the 1998 World Cup match between Holland and Argentina, to be exact). At this point, Curtis was telling me a joke about a pirate and a steering wheel and so I missed the point of why, exactly, we were watching a soccer game in a Presbyterian history class. So I asked the Calvinator why we were watching the soccer match and he said that he wasn't sure, but knows that this professor loves soccer. Curtis then leans over to me and says, "Um...doesn't he know that we're Americans?!" Which I thought was funny. Actually, I kind of enjoy watching soccer (I just hope Danny doesn't let that be known among the rest of our family - I might be ostracized). I really like watching the fast foot action and the tricks that the players use in order to keep or steal the ball from one another. And I also like the theatrics of it when a goal is scored. So I didn't particularly mind watching the match. Turns out that he showed us this clip in order to show us that the Dutch scored a very Reformed goal and then set about lecturing about general concepts of what being Reformed means, including a bit about how Umberto Eco posits that Mac users are Catholic and MS-Dos users are Protestant. (guess I'm a wannabe Catholic)

Anyway, it was all very interesting. But! Then at the break I learned that PresbyTony is going to Scotland to visit Josh during reading week in March. I voiced my jealousy (because I loved Scotland when I visited in November. Whereas David doesn't want to go back to Scotland, I fantasize about what it would be like to live in Scotland!) and Tony said that I should come with him and that we can stay at Josh's house in Cumnock. Woah. This is a major development, especially seeing that I don't necessarily have anything going on during reading week (and the things that I was considering I could do at other points during the month). Then, perhaps if I go with them, I could split up from them as they do things that I might not be interested in doing, I could maybe take a short flight to Ireland or the Netherlands or something equally as exciting. I am seriously going to have to think about this and see if I can afford it...I don't know, for instance, how expensive my books will be this semester. But theoretically I'll have a job at some point after I graduate and theoretically I'll be making money again, which significantly influences my thoughts about this. Hmm....

But right now I should really concentrate on finishing my exegesis paper (so I can then turn around and buy the books for this semester and catch up with the reading I've already missed). Yesterday, after panicking just a tiny bit about answering the questions that I had before me, I ended up writing two more answers (out of the six total that I have to do) and started my fifth question, and I feel fairly at peace with my results. I feel like taking the exam this time has been a much more pleasant (and even somewhat enjoyable) experience. A couple of nights ago, my friend Katy told me to hurry up and finish the test so that we could resume hanging out and it struck me that I'm not particularly worried about finishing this test swiftly (as I am with most other things that I do here at school - the faster I get them done, the better). I'm fairly content to just sort of sit and contemplate what is before me. So, that has been definitely an unexpected result that is most definitely an answer to prayer. This is not to say, though, that I'm excited to jump right in again tonight and continue on by finishing my last two questions (before I move onto my sermon outline), but I also am not flat-out dreading it, either. Anyway, if you will, please continue on in your prayers for me. :)

- Jenny, 1/30/2007 10:33:00 AM

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