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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last night I watched American Idol with Penny and Jessica.

As an aside, Penny is in love with Matthew McConaughey. So Penny was out with Joy studying a week or so ago and Penny got up, left the table, and then returned to the table and it turned out that Joy and Penny had an impromptu interview about Penny's latest movie. It sounds so silly and awesome. I would have loved to be there to witness the interview. So Joy wanted to make a movie poster for the movie, American Snowstorm. The basic plot is that Penny and Matthew get stuck in a car during a snowstorm. Or something like that. So, Joy made a poster and wanted me to print it up, but then I ended up taking a couple of hours in order to design a new poster. As you will see, Matthew is besotted with Penny. Joy concocted the whole idea for the poster, including the tagline, which is "Sometimes your biggest fear is allowing yourself to melt..." So, you will see that Penny, in response to Matthew's infatuation is looking to the viewer, seemingly saying, "Do I allow myself to melt or not?" The poster is the talk of our hallway.

Anyway, so American Idol last night in NYC was better than Seattle or Minneapolis. Since I was at the monastery two nights ago, I missed the night before (since the monks don't have TV and obviously aren't concerned with who will be America's next singing idol). I don't know that I'm necessarily interested in watching American Idol, but it's SO fun to watch it with my friends here and to just talk about it. Jessica likes to comment about how I am harsh on the contestants because I've discovered what it is to burn out in showbiz with my Wild and Crazy Kids venture. I have "been exposed to the darkside of the industry," as she says. I told her that I'm sorta like child stars like Drew Barrymore, just without the drug stint.

Well, very soon I am going to go to lunch with the Scotsman and my friend Benjamin, who is returning to Germany, since he's a special student and was only to be a student here for about six months.

Woah. The snow is coming down heavily!

Uh oh - I'm late. No chance to proof-read this entry!

- Jenny, 1/25/2007 08:09:00 AM

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