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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I don't know how I have so little confidence in myself after seeing the majority of people who tried out for American Idol these past two nights. These people are horrible. And yet - some of them have so much confidence in themselves that they won't even accept the opinions of the American Idol judges who get paid zillions a year because they know a little something about music. It is shocking, really.

I mean, some people...they must be kidding. They must know that they're nowhere near being any good. At all. They must know. And other people who claim that they're "different" and that's what's going to make them popular must not realize that the music industry only comes out with stuff that sounds exactly the same.

But what I don't understand are those people who are belligerent to the judges about their talent. This one lady said, "But I have a degree in Music." To which I respond, "Looks like they'll give degrees to just about anyone." Because she was horrible! I'm not claiming to be all knowledgeable about the entertainment industry just because I was once on Wild and Crazy Kids, but maybe I'm just less naive about what it takes to "make it" in the entertainment industry. I guess I just have a different picture of the industry since I grew up in LA where everyone is a waiter-actor, waiting tables until they get their shot. It is ridiculous to me that these people think they can make it when there are so many people back home who are beautiful and have experience and perhaps some talent and still spend their whole lives waiting tables because their shot never comes around.

My friend Jessica can't believe that friends and family of these people will let them come on national television and embarrass themselves. Here's my theory on that: these people have been warned by their friends and family. Their friends and family have said, "No! Please, don't go, you won't make it." To which these people will respond, "You don't know anything about music or the industry. Once Simon, Paula and Randy see me, they will see my talent which you clearly cannot see." Then, they get to the audition and once Simon, Paula and Randy say, "Sorry, there's absolutely no way you can make it in the industry," they respond with, "You obviously know nothing about music and about what America wants to hear." These people are delusional. Last night there was a woman who was on who exactly proved my point. She told them, "My husband said you're wasting your time. But my 7 year-old son believes in me." And then the judges told her that she was no good and she pestered them to sing again because how could they miss her genius - perhaps it was just because her throat was dry? And they said no, so she just started singing and would neither stop nor listen (perhaps if she had just listened, she would have heard herself). Um...yeah. I need to find myself a 7 year-old in order to figure out what I should do after graduation.

So Jessica said that my own self-confidence should be greater after seeing these people on national television. I only wish it was that easy because I would have plenty of fodder.

In other news, I managed to fall asleep last night by 12:30 a.m. and managed to wake up at 8:30 a.m. (although I stayed in bed 9:15-ish because I was quite comfortable and warm and had otherwise no reason to get out). Now I best be getting on to some design work before lunch.

FYI, The Undertaking book is so great that I started it yesterday and am already in it 50+ pages.

- Jenny, 1/18/2007 07:14:00 AM

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