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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freedom is sweet. Sweet, but a bit lonely. Almost everyone I know still has finals. So yesterday I spent part of the day cleaning half of my room and then the rest of the time browsing the internet. I guess when the chains are taken off, the prisoner doesn't wander too far, eh? Anyway, I found a couple items of interest:

1. I learned of Guess Where Aberdeen on Flickr. Basically, someone posts a non-descript picture of somewhere in Aberdeen and they participants try to guess where it is. Sounds awesome, right?! But I would be poor at playing that version, as I have never been to Aberdeen. SO, I searched on Flickr to see if they had one for Princeton or Los Angeles. They had a state-wide one for New Jersey, but I just would be lost playing that. They do have a Guess Where Los Angeles, which is totally cool. I spent some time looking through those photos, although I could only correctly identify one (that one was easy because I used to work a block from there). I think this is totally up Tyler's alley.

Speaking of Tyler - Happy Birthday, Staines. :)

2. Emily put up a new banner on her site. It's a great photograph. She gave me the URL where she got it and there are a TON of great pictures I could use for desktop images.


Last night the girls on my floor (who are all very awesome...I like spending time with them) decided to take a study break at 8 p.m. to watch the American Idol auditions. Now, I'm not an American Idol sort of girl, but Jessica swore to me that it would be hilarious. I was going to play volleyball at 8p, but decided to be late so I could join in on the festivities. So, we all gathered in Katy's room only to find out that Jessica messed up the days and that American Idol is on Tuesday, not Monday. Still wanting a break, Penny switched the channel to Lifetime. Now, I am normally not a fan of anything they have on Lifetime, but they have this new show that I watched for the first time last night and love. It's called Gay, Straight, or Taken. Basically, it's kinda like a game show meets a dating show. This girl comes on the show and she has to choose her favorite guy out of the three bachelors BUT! then learns early in the show that one is gay and one is taken, and that the only way she will win her trip is if she picks the single guy. Sure they do some dumb stereotypical stuff to try to figure out who is who, but it is SO fun to guess. I only watched one half hour last night and totally knew who the straight guy was immediately because he just looked so...interested. But then I was completely dumbfounded when the guy I pegged as taken was actually gay. So, that was really fun.

I noted that Lifetime is showing the first season of Grey's Anatomy. I had been contemplating beginning to watch this show (because I have heard that it's really good), but decided that I was already too behind. But now that Lifetime is showing the first season...I think I might hop on board.

I have many other things I can talk about today, but I guess I'll just save them for tomorrow because this entry is already kinda long. As far as my day is going today, I will turn in my Shakespeare final and then pick up the president from the airport. Then this evening I'll definitely watch the beginning of American Idol with the girls, but before and after that I might either read or paint (or maybe both).

- Jenny, 1/16/2007 09:51:00 AM

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