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Monday, January 15, 2007

As of noon, I finished my final paper that is somehow on Jesus of Montreal, Hamlet and the Gospel of Mark. I'm not sure exactly how successful it was in the end (it was so much greater in my head), but I at least know it's all finished and ready to be turned in tomorrow.

These are all of the books I borrowed and now need to return. The stack of books on the left are books I must return to friends. The stack of books in the middle are books I must return to the university. The stack of books on the right are books I must return to the seminary.

I have already returned some of them since I have begun cleaning up my room. I am not finished cleaning yet.

While I was at home, the Scotsman took care of my amaryllis. He did a good job, as the plant not only budded, but also bloomed. My amaryllis is rather short - I think I stunted its growth by not propping the desk lamp (aka stimulated sun) a little bit higher up. I have since removed the desk lamp (to go back by my computer, and I think the flowers miss it. But I had to - one of the flowers' petals was singed because it had grown so tall so as to touch the lamp. So, now one of the flowers has lost its steam, but if I take the picture from this angle, the plant looks perfectly vibrant and healthy.

- Jenny, 1/15/2007 12:36:00 PM

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