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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This morning, when I passed by the washing machine, I noticed a newspaper strewn on it. I glanced at the top story - Gerald Ford is now dead. I stopped and thought, "Wait, I thought he was already dead." Guess not. Then I looked at the date, Wednesday, December 27th, 2006. Then I thought to myself, "Wow - I am seeing a newspaper from the future!" (Because I thought today was Tuesday.) And then I realized that The Time Traveler's Wife is giving me my own chrono-impairment.

Speaking of the Time Traveler's Wife, I am nearly done. Perhaps 20 more pages or so. I will read the rest of it after I blog this morning and then set about working on one of my final papers.

I am beginning to feel like I'm getting a cold. Both today and yesterday I have had a fairly bad sore throat. And I also have a somewhat constant headache. I can lay low these next couple of days, so hopefully I will recover quickly.

- Jenny, 12/27/2006 09:25:00 AM

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