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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last night Tyler, Chris, Kareena and I decided to see Night at the Museum. Whereas I think Chris and Kareena thought the movie was OK, Tyler and I definitely thought it was poor at best. I think I was expecting it to be a funny Ben Stiller-type comedy and was disappointed to find that it was moreso a comedy for kids. But maybe I'm just a comedic highbrow - most of the audience was laughing at all of the "funny" points. I just thought it was kinda dumb. What livened up the movie for me was the running commentary Tyler and I developed mid-way through the movie, predicting what would happen and stuff.

Then today I returned to the hospital as Chaplain Associate Jenny. Unlike yesterday when I was itching for things to do, there was plenty to do today, as there was only one other chaplain on and we were splitting our time between the two hospitals. The other chaplain spent most of her day at the other hospital (the one I was at this summer), since there were multiple trauma cases that came in, including a brain death case and two Jane Doe cases. I spent most of the day at the other hospital, meeting with new patients and praying with some nurses and then meeting with another family who wanted prayer before their mom went in for surgery. I ended up the day by reciting a Catholic liturgy of prayers for the dead for another family whose matriarch died today.

I think today I remembered how much I do enjoy doing this hospital work, but I still don't know if it's worth it to go through the whole ordeal of becoming a chaplain on top of the whole process of going through ordination.

- Jenny, 12/30/2006 06:40:00 PM

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