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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well, I've decided to drop Exodus, for a couple of reasons. The main one being that I haven't taken an NT exegesis class yet, so I can take that next semester, but also because the work for Exodus is a fair amount and probably would be harder on me this semester than Hinduism. Additionally, Hinduism gives me a window through which I may understand LOST in a better light. Not really, but I couldn't help but repeatedly think about LOST and the Dharma Initiative today in class when the teacher kept on talking about dharma. Actually, attending the lecture today made me fairly interested in learning more about Hinduism and as part of our work in the class, we can opt to make three visits to a Hindu religious service and write an experiential paper about each of our visits. That is a lot easier than translating two passages of Hebrew for every week and then writing a couple of long papers at the end of the class. I've already been to a Hindu worship service (way back in college for a religious texts as literature class...I went with someone...maybe with Jenn? Or was it Jessi?). I think it'd be interesting if I could recover the paper I wrote for that class after I write my papers for this class to see how my perspective and thought process has changed or remained the same.

Anyway, my soul feels much better knowing that I am only going to have four classes.

There's this strange crackling/popping noise I hear in the wall at night. It's always right around 11-12 midnight. I've heard it at least two, but I think more times, and I think I've figured out that it must be the girl next door making popcorn because it kinda sounds like muffled popcorn and is at about the same duration. Maybe tonight (or next time) when I hear it, I should go stand in front of the girl's door and see if I can smell fresh popcorn, thus proving my theory. As an aside, I don't care for fresh popcorn very much...or at all, really. But stale popcorn - that stuff is just so delicious. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Microwave some, leave it sitting out for a day or so and prepare for a great surprise.

I have to write a one-page paper about the ethics of Christmas tonight. You'd think that one-page doesn't seem daunting, but I assure you it is.

I'm going to London over reading week, October 30th until November 6th, and am super excited. My friend Briana is studying over there for the semester and it'll be fun to go and spend some time with her in a city I've always wanted to go to. Potentially exciting is that my friend Josh is in Scotland for the year and I was talking to him on the phone last night, and saw that it apparently costs only $40-ish USD to fly round-trip to Scotland for the day, so I am thinking about going up there for one of the days and having him show me around.

I've been having problems sleeping at night for the past week...but really, maybe since I've been back from CA. I can't seem to fall asleep before 2 a.m., which makes for a tired Jenny the next morning. I have to figure out how to re-train myself. I haven't been consuming caffiene after lunch, but maybe I should have some caffiene-less days in hopes that will help me tire.

- Jenny, 9/28/2006 10:37:00 AM

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