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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well, it's the first day of class and I didn't actually go to any class. Late last night I decided that maybe I did want to change my courses afterall. So I examined the list of classes again and, of the six classes I was going to take, I dropped four of them and picked up three new ones. Kinda crazy, especially because this means that I'm spending $100 more on books than I was for the other classes. My new class list is as follows:

- The Doctrine of Atonement in the Christian Tradition
- Ethical Implications of the Synoptic Gospels
- Exegesis of Exodus
- History of the Contemporary Ecumenical Movement
- "Through a Glass Darkly": The Biblical and Shakespearean Visions

I think part of the reason why I switched was because by the classroom assignments, I could tell that some of the classes I was taking were larger than I was hoping they'd be. (Although the Shakespeare class is huge, but I won't budge on that one without first going to it.) Additionally, some that I had signed up for didn't look like they were reading interesting things. And one of the classes will be precepted by my favorite preceptor ever. Plus, by making my schedule how it stands right now, it looks like I'll have free reign of what I can sign-up for next Spring, since I will cross off all of those remaining, pesky requirements that I'll need to complete in order to graduate (that is, if I have calculated everything correctly).

So, that's how my first day went. My other first day was yesterday - my first day managing my first catering event. Besides it being horribly muggy at the outdoor reception I managed, it went ok. The catering work is hard (I've noticed that I'm doing a lot of heavy lifting), but it is kinda fun. But only kinda.

Oh!I forgot to post the news about my fridge. This week sometime I found out that this girl down my hall has my fridge because some girl from another room this summer gave it to her. She was totally cool about it, but I told her that since I was already borrowing a fridge, she might as well borrow mine until the end of the year when I'd want to sell it. But then she asked if she could just buy it off me. So now I've already sold one of the things I need to get rid of by the end of the year. Fabulous!

If I don't do laundry tonight, it just might be embarassing for me tomorrow.

- Jenny, 9/20/2006 01:53:00 PM

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