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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today is my long day, three classes that ascend from one to three hours long. In the second class, which was two hours long and my first two hour class since April, I was beginning to wonder how long two hours could possibly be. It wasn't that the class was uninteresting, because the professor raised some interesting questions and is quite the joker, but it was just that sitting for two hours listening to the same guy speak is sometimes a little much.

I keep forgetting that tomorrow (Friday) I'm going to California. I'm not sure why it leaves my mind so rapidly, but there you go. I'll only be there briefly, the point of which is to go before my presbytery to seek to become a candidate. I'm kinda nervous, but since they can't ask me anything theological (only about my sense of call), I'm not as worried anymore. The big part will be being in front of so many people. I just hate being in front of a bunch of people. This weekend also happens to be the last weekend of one of our staff members at church, a friend of mine. He recently got a job at a church somewhere in the middle, so I feel pretty fortunate that the timing of this weekend is coinciding with his last Sunday.

I babysat my favorite four boys tonight, the boys of Wayne and KP. Most of the night I spent helping Willy with his was giving him some trouble and he needed someone to sit alongside him and encourage him to not let his mind go astray. Anyway, this reminded me of when I did homework when I was in grade school, I would always wait until late in the evening before starting and now I see with adult eyes that it was the worst thing for me to do because Willy was SO sleepy and having him be so sleepy made his homework last so much longer than it should have.

My classes seem to be starting out pretty well and it seems like it'll be a heavy reading semester, with a TON of writing at the close of the year; a couple of courses will be graded solely by my 15-20 page paper at the end of the class. Um...yeah...nothing cushy to rely on, like attendance. I'm sure it'll build character. And who knows...although now I may not have one page to write on any of the subjects, by the end of the course, maybe I can make it to 15 pages. We'll see...

I guess I'll begin reading for my classes on the plane tomorrow, since it's nearly time to go to bed (and I've yet to pack) and since I have a class and some work to do tomorrow morning/early afternoon. As I noted last year when I had to go home for a weekend (which sucks - flying from the east coast to the west coast for a day and a half is not my idea of recreation), working on a plane is when I am in the ZONE. Except when they show a movie. That's when I get soft.

- Jenny, 9/21/2006 07:27:00 PM

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