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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Today I crossed off two more states that I have never been to, Arkansas and Tennessee. Arkansas generally looks like this. It kinda reminded me of driving through Missouri, when we did that last time, except there were no cool rock formations on the side of the road. I was not impressed with Arkansas, either in its beauty (it is the Natural State, but is kinda like natural cereal - bland) or in the friendliness of its people (I don't think I encountered one friendly person in the state...I am sure Emiliy's parents are an exception, but I did not meet them).

We crossed the mighty Mississippi when we entered into Memphis and passed many "tree people" (as Shane and Jessica call them) on our way to Nashville. I think that the ivy scupltures look less like people and more like dinosaurs and wooly mammoths. People wonder what happened to the dinosaurs - they were overtaken by the ivy.

When we arrived in Nashville, dad was exhausted. I think these 10-hour drives get to him more than they get to me. But maybe he was tired because our last hour into Nashville (which he was driving) was in pouring rain (complete with thunder and lightening) driving on a two-lane road next to those oversized load trucks that carry homes on them. That would probably have tired me out, too, if I were driving. Anyway, Nashville (the little I've seen of it) looks kinda neat. I like the rock formations on the side of the roads. I'd post a picture, but I never actually got a good picture of them. Maybe on our way out tomorrow.

Tisra and her husband Eric decided that it might be too much for them to bring their three small kids to the restaurant, so she gave us (great!) directions from our hotel to the BBQ restaurant, BBQ Cutie. Dad said his ribs were good, but I can attest that my baked ham was great! Very juicy. After dinner, I drove dad back to the hotel and then I drove over to Tisra's house (which is very nice and decorated in a GREAT color scheme) and had dessert and tea with her family. This was the first time I had ever met Tisra or any from her family, which is kinda weird and made me quite nervous (I've met strangers who read my blog before, but through Kathryn, who is naturally outgoing), but it was a nice time. Tisra's kids are all very cute and her two boys are very outgoing. The second I stepped a foot into the door, her oldest son, Grant, asked me if I wanted to come up and see his room. Carrie, his favorite thing about his room are his Legos. Tisra made this delicious pear & blueberry cobbler. From scratch. Without a recipe. She is very talented. We talked the whole evening about Matt. Ok, not really. We didn't really talk much about Matt at all, but I did learn that Matt was born in Okinawa, which I did not know previously (and, according to Matt, is apparently untrue - he was born in 29 Palms and his brother in Okinawa), and was told to ask Matt about his black hair, whatever that means. I don't think Matt reads my blog, so I'll have to IM him later about it.

And now I'm back at the hotel. Had to do an emergency upload to a website I maintain and am now currently wide awake at 12:40 a.m. I tried to go to sleep about an hour earlier, but with no luck. I figured maybe if I blogged, I might get a little tired, but not so much.

Tomorrow we leave for Virginia and will meet up with Shane and Jessica for dinner. I am excited to see them and their new digs in a strange, new land and I am excited that I only have two more days left of this trip. It has been OK so far, but the closer I get to New Jersey, the more I remember that I like it and that I have exciting things to look forward to, like seeing my friends again, like starting up my last year of class, like beginning my catering manager job and, as of yesterday, I will also have a new job working on the Department of Theology's website. That's kinda exciting as well.

- Jenny, 9/09/2006 10:07:00 PM

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