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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So over this weekend, my gmail account got spoofed. I have received over 1,000 messages so far from people thinking that I am sending them information about how to make money through the internet. Most of these people are responding by asking/demanding me to remove them from a list that I didn't create nor do I have any access to. Besides being annoying, this has been a learning experience for me, in that I have learned how many people do really respond to spammers. For instance:

"Hey…thanks for your email. You and I both are working to make money online And I appreciate your efforts. It can be pretty challenging out there on the worldwide web, Like me, you probably realize that there are definitely people Out there making money online and…"


"Sorry Jenny but Every company is the best company and some of yall are lying whihc is a very bad example of business...which is about value creation everyone seems to lose sight of the bare principles of business which is actually helping people out not just trying to make your bees wax taste better than these other drones out here business has to go back to the root principles and everyone hypes their business like its the best thing ever and to that I say if everyones business is the best ever how come everyone isn't making the money that is out here ?"

I have also learned (out of necessity) how to create filters so that I don't have to constantly delete 50+ emails every time I open my inbox. I just hope that no one I actually want to email me puts "A word from Jenny Smith" in their email to me, because I won't see it ever. It'll just be forwarded to and deleted, thanks to the nifty filter option.

- Jenny, 9/26/2006 12:56:00 PM

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