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Sunday, September 03, 2006

So far, I've had a great weekend. Also, so far I only have 7 things packed in my suitcase. I've got to get more serious about that.

Friday afternoon I taught the daughters of hospital co-worker of mine how to do origami with teabags, which was fun. Then Friday night I went with Chris, Tyler and Kareena to dinner and a movie. We saw Little Miss Sunshine, which is very funny, especially at the end. I was crying because I was laughing so hard at the end. I say, "see it!"

Then Saturday I finished house-sitting early in the morning and had breakfast with my dad, brother and Carrie at Corner Bakery. I had the Swiss Oatmeal (or something), which was like oatmeal but cold with lots of fruit in it. It was delicious. Immediately after that I hopped in the car and drove down to San Diego, my new most favorite place in the world. I met up with my cousin Danny who likes to be called Dan at my Aunt Sally's house in Encinitas. Her house is like going to a villa. That's not her house, but it's just as nice. We lounged in the sun, ate lunch and they even sang happy birthday to me and had a cake and everything. That was a surprise and just so nice.

Then Danny and I drove down to Old Town SD to meet up with Sergio. So here's a really cool story. I have this friend named Sergio who I used to work with. He is a proud Argentinian and a huge fan of soccer and apparently reads my blog, which was a (pleasant) surprise to me. After I left our company, Sergio left to go to work in San Diego. One night whilst I was talking with him at a party just before he was starting his job, I inquired about it. He said it was a healthcare company in San Diego and that it started with the letter A. My cousin Danny works for a healthcare company in San Diego that starts with the letter A. So I told this to Sergio (and then later on to Danny) and Sergio said that the company was large and that he probably would never even be on the same floor (or even the same building) as Danny. It turns out that they are three cubicles away from each other and work together frequently. Another bizarre twist - my friend Erin from high school also used to work at the same company (but in HR) at the same time. But she just got a new job, so it's not quite as cool. Anyway, so we met up with Sergio in Old Town and took the trolley to the downtown to get dinner with a co-worker of theirs and his wife and then we all went to see the Priests play baseball. It was a classic game of God versus the Communists and, as in a true battle of good v. evil, God totally won. Also, we saw a pretty funny chicken do some pretty funny stuff. We all liked the chicken except for Sergio, who only minimally liked the chicken because he is a "vegetarian."

Then I drove back home late last night so that I could go to church the next morning. My friend KC was preaching and he did an awesome job. I got to see him and his really cool family and then hung out with them and Geoff and Erica in the afternoon. I went to college with Geoff and Erica and haven't seen them in a couple of years and it was a great surprise to see them and their family. And, again, I was totally shocked when I found out that Erica occasionally reads my blog. I think what was cool about finding out that they (meaning Sergio and Erica, but pertaining to all of you all) read my blog is that it's really cool that people who I care about also care about me enough to check in and see what I'm up to.

I got a little bit depressed today when I was thinking about how sometimes life can be difficult and in thinking about where I want to go and what I want to do when I graduate and the paucity of jobs available for both chaplaincy and associate pastorships, but I guess this is what my faith is for, right?

Anyway, Joey and Carrie are making chili for dinner. Last time they made chili I looked like this. They promised to make it a little less spicy this time. Then we might go to the driving range and hit some balls or see a movie or do something. Or maybe we'll do nothing. We will colloquially "play it by ear."

Tomorrow's my birthday. It's also Labor Day. A fun fact is that I was actually born on Labor Day. But more about that tomorrow. :)

- Jenny, 9/03/2006 07:09:00 PM

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