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Saturday, September 23, 2006

A few observations about my flight:

1. I cannot tell you how much I delight in the smell of the soap at the Philadelphia airport. I really does remind me of this one scratch and sniff sticker I had when I was a young girl. So, I will go to the bathroom and wash my hands and then go around the airport, absent-mindedly smelling my hands. I am sure I look somewhat mentally challenged.

2. My flight yesterday was delayed 1.5 hours. Now this delay was not one of those ones where you don't know why you're being delayed...nope. I witnessed this delay in action. We had all boarded the plane and were sitting on the runway in line to take off. I had closed my eyes for not more than two minutes and all of a sudden a woman in the row behind me started freaking out, saying she wanted to go home, needed to get off the plane, etc. So the flight attendant came by and tried to figure out what was going wrong (I think she was having some sort of panic attack) and then he called the pilot, so the pilot's assitant came back and talked with her, going through all of the ramifications (we'd be delayed, we'd have to re-fuel, etc.). She said she didn't care, that it was an emergency, that she had to get off the plane. So, we taxied back to the terminal and had to wait for the gate to open up and then we let her off the plane. Then we had to re-fuel to get back all of the fuel we lost while on the runway. Then we had to wait until it was clear for us to take off again and then make it back to the runway, where we had to wait an additional 20 minutes in line to take off again. Consequently, we were delayed 1.5 hours, which makes a long flight even longer.

3. I didn't watch the movie (The Sentinel?) and instead read my homework. I felt that I accomplished a fair amont, until I began reading one of my new books for my Ethics class. It is very interesting (in fact, almost everything I have read in it so far has totally changed my viewpoint of reading scripture and has made me wish that I had this book for my Exegesis ordination exam), but it reads kinda like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. It'll give a passage of scripture and then have commentary about that scripture, but there are essays in the back about various things that pertain to scripture in general (what a city was like in biblical times, what does it mean to love and hate, what does marriage/betrothal mean, etc.). The commentary for the scriptural passage will have specific commentary to that passage as well as references back to these larger essays. All of them are very interesting, but it takes FOREVER to read because this links to that, which links to this other article, which links to this other article, etc.

4. Los Angeles is probably one of the most beautiful cities to fly into at night. All of the lights and watching the people driving on the freeways and stuff. I felt like a total first-time airplane rider when I was landing last night because I could not take my eyes off of the window.

- Jenny, 9/23/2006 10:53:00 AM

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