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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Even though it's not a new idea, it still is weird to me that tomorrow I will be leaving for New Jersey and that I won't (really) be back until Christmas (there is this one weekend at the end of September that I will be back for). I am ready to get back to New Jersey and to hang out with the friends that I've missed this summer. I'm also looking forward to going back to my New Jersey church. I think it'll be weird next summer when I know that there will be no going back.

Anyway, I have some audiobooks for our drive. When it comes to audiobooks, I am a complete amateur. Sam from my CPE group, as a parting gift, gave me an audio book of Mark Twain writing. Not any single book, but a bunch of selections read by actors. I was never a huge fan of Mark Twain, but then again I haven't read anything by Twain since...11th grade? So, I'm actually kinda looking foward to "reading" some of these selections because I figure if they're selections they have to be good, right? Plus, how much more American can you get "reading" Mark Twain while traversing the country and crossing the Mighty Mississippi? So, I'm hopeful.

I was thinking that I would borrow some audiobooks from the BPL, but then the problem of returning them became an issue. So then I was thinking that I would borrow them, rip them to iTunes and make CDs for the drive over. But then Tyler said that he thought this was unethical. I'm not totally sure I agree with that, but in the interest of being ethical, I decided not to pursue this venture.

So, on my drive back from lunch with a friend yesterday, I stopped by a Borders to pick up an audiobook. It actually took me a long time because I had to figure out what would be enjoyable to listen to for both my dad and myself. It was much easier to shop for myself, obviously. I ended up picking up The Devil Wears Prada because I meant to see the movie this summer (but didn't) and I heard it was good and I thought it'd be easy to understand and kinda be like watching the movie in my mind. I am not sure if my dad will like this one. Who knows? The other one I bought was by Bill Bryson about walking the Appalachian Trail. We'll be driving up that trail and I thought my dad would enjoy this one more.

In total, I think we have about 18 hours of audiobooks ahead of us yet about 43 hours of driving ahead of us. I figure audiobooks may suck (even though Susan swears by them) and it would be useless to have a bunch of them if neither my dad nor I enjoy listening to them. Or, if we do like them and we run out of juice, then we can just stop by another bookstore on the way and pick out a new title together.

- Jenny, 9/06/2006 04:01:00 PM

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