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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yes, I am aware that it has been a long time since I last blogged. This past week has been busy. Preparing final evaluations, finishing up CPE stuff, beginning to study for my ordination exams and beginning house-sitting at a house that has no internet is what has come in my way.

Anyway, yesterday was kinda exciting because I went in the hospital to go over my final evaluation with my supervisor (who is at a different hospital than I am usually at). That all went well and then afterwards as I was leaving, the manager from that hospital wanted to see me to see if I'd be interested in working per diem at the hospital while I'm still here and to see if I might be willing to cover an on-call shift from Friday night to Saturday afternoon that covers both that hospital and my hospital. Since my CPE site is still so new, we haven't had to do on-call nights because the hospital is not set up for it yet. So, when she presented this to me, I thought about how I wasn't doing anything in particular last night and how it'd be interesting to see what it's like to be on-call, so I decided to do it. Of the two hospitals, my hospital is much more likely to have a call and I am very familiar with my hospital and I wondered if I would really even be called in, so I took a gamble and decided to do it and they took me on two tours of the other hospital so that I would be familiar with it if I happened to be called in there.

So yesterday was a busy day in the daytime. At the hospital I don't work at, there were two code reds, one code blue and one death all in the time I was there that morning. Then I heard that at my hospital there were two or three Trauma 2s (where the person is conscious) and one Trauma 1 that was a Jane Doe with the police involved because it was a hit and run. Well, the Trauma 1 wasn't solved (and by solved I mean figuring out her identity) until after I had started my on-call. So, I was called in very soon after my shift started because they found the family of this woman, so I went in and consoled her and provided funeral/cremation resources for her (Jane Doe did not make it). So, that was kinda interesting. On the way there I kept on thinking, "what am I going to say???" and when I got there, I didn't have to worry about that at all. Everything just sorta fell into place. Actually, I was thinking that I might have to go to the morgue with this woman, but she decided that she didn't want to see the body, which is ok, but then I kinda was disappointed because I haven't been to the morgue and still don't know what it's like. Anyway just as I was leaving, a Trauma 2 came in and so I responded to that and contacted the family and it was fairly simple. Then I left and wasn't called any more.

Anyway, tonight is my 10th high school reunion, which I have signed up for and am going to. Who else thinks this is weird? I do.

- Jenny, 8/19/2006 12:08:00 PM

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