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Friday, August 25, 2006

Two tests down, two tests to go.

Yesterday the mere thought of these tests brought tears to my eyes. It was awful. Even today when I went in, a mere half-hour before the first test began, I started getting tears in my eyes again. But then the exam started and I wrote and wrote and wrote and eventually got through the Theology exam. I wasn't nervous about the Worship exam in the afternoon until I was reminded that they could ask me about how to do weddings and funerals, which I wasn't prepared to write about. So then I started getting nervous again - I especially don't want to fail worship because I think it is the subject that I do best in. But then I went in again and wrote and wrote and wrote and finished the Worship exam. That leaves Polity tomorrow morning and then they'll announce the Bible passages for the exegesis exam tomorrow afternoon.

In case you're curious, here were the subjects of each hour-long essay:

Theology #1 (Open Book of Confessions) - Write an essay discussing how Christ's role as intercessor shapes a Reformed practice of prayer.
Theology #2 (Closed Book) - Write an essay discussing a Reformed understanding of evil and then respond to three of the four comments given indicating one thing that is wrong or incomplete in their understanding of evil.
Theology #3 (Closed Book/I chose to answer A) - Write an essay discussing the significance of justification by grace through faith for someone in declining health. Building upon your answer, respond theologically to the case study given.

Worship #1 (Open Book of Confessions) - Discuss a Reformed understanding of the proclamation of the word, and then respond to three of the four comments given about sermons in worship.
Worship #2 (Closed Book) - Identify and briefly discuss three issues in the situation given concerning a Reformed understanding of baptism, then respond to the woman in the case study who wants to be re-baptized.
Worship #3 (Closed Book/I chose to answer B) - Outline and discuss the order for the celebration of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper and, informed by your response, respond to each of the comments in the case study about the Lord's Supper.

Since the tests tomorrow are all open book, I am taking tonight off and watching a movie or something. I will say this, however. In taking the tests, I was reminded how much I do like working in the church and dealing with these issues that occur in the church (like thinking about the sacraments) that don't occur in the hospital setting. I am really not sure what I will do, whether I will apply for chaplaincy positions or whether I will apply for church positions. I suppose it'll depend on how I do on these tests. I won't know how I do on these ones I am taking now until October 23rd. That is a really, really long time to wait...

- Jenny, 8/25/2006 07:35:00 PM

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