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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This will probably be my last post for awhile. I have my ordination exams this coming Friday and Saturday (and the subsequent week to finish the Exegesis test) and I desperately need to study the rest of the week for them.

There are four exams and they are very, very intensive. If you want to see a compilation of all the exams from the past X years, go here. The categories are: Church Polity (which is testing my knowledge of the government of the church), Reformed Worship and the Sacraments (which tests my knowledge of what makes reformed worship distinctive and how we view the sacraments), Biblical Exegesis (testing my knowledge of the original language of the Biblical texts and my ability to come up with a sermon from a particular text from either Luke or Hosea) and the Theological Competence Exam (which tests my competence in formulating reformed explanations of theological concepts - anything from life in Christ to the environment to injustice, etc.). In all but the Exegesis test, they give you a case study or scenario and then you have to respond to it.

Initially, I thought I could probably pass all but the Exegesis test. Now I am also considerably worried about the theological exam. Mostly, I am concerned because when I see the test questions, I freeze. They are so, so, so hard. So, I'll need your prayers and good thoughts for this coming weekend. The closer it gets, the less confident I become. I need the Holy Spirit and I need you. Thank you.

PS: Pray for my Fantasy Auto Racing team, too. This week I descended from 1st place to 2nd place and am narrowly above Danny, who is in 3rd.

- Jenny, 8/22/2006 06:05:00 PM

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