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Monday, August 14, 2006

Princeton has been merciful. I have been filling out my CPE Final Evaluations (note that evaluation is plural, since Princeton also asks for a separate evaluation in addition to my hospital one) and I noticed that Princeton was asking for a combination theological reflection and verbatim. These are two types of papers I have written throughout the summer, but I've written them separately, not combined. So last night I emailed them asking exactly what they wanted and feared that I'd have to write an entirely new paper. But Princeton has been merciful and I am able to use a theological reflection that I've already written this summer.

So this was a busy weekend and I'm glad that I have today off from the hospital. We've been given the day to write our final evaluation because our supervisor has a meeting that she can't get out of. I like it because I get to kick back, watch Regis & Kelly and go out to lunch with my former youth pastor. His church is by the beach, so I'm also thinking of taking some time to read out on the beach, too. Maybe watch one of my Netflix movies. Basically, I have options of things to do.

I was genuinely surprised how many people there were at the Dodger games this weekend. On Friday, I went with my softball team and we sat on the 3rd base side by the foul pole, which I learned is almost as rowdy as the Pavillion (outfield) seats. I'm not sure if it's normally that rowdy or if it was just a special thing because we were playing the Giants and Barry Bonds is just so hated here that people LOVE to yell mean things at him all game long at the top of their lungs. It gets a little bit old to me. But, the highlight of that game was that about ten people hit beach balls up all at once, which was a fun thing until Security tried to kick those people out of the park.

Saturday I practiced for my ordination exams. I only practiced one question because I went to go feed the homeless at my church, but that one question I answered was pretty good - except for I read the question entirely wrong and, therefore, would have failed the exam. Bummer. But now I know to really read the question even though I may think I know what it's asking.

Sunday night I went to another Dodger game with Tyler, Chris and Kareena. No matter what anyone says, the game was really boring. It was 0-0 until the bottom of the 10th inning when the Dodgers finally hit a homerun. Speaking of people showing up to the game - there were 55,699 people at the game on Sunday (couldn't one more person have come?!), which was very surprising to me. According to Wikipedia, Dodger Stadium only holds 56,000. What was even crazier was that since no one had scored, practically everyone stayed until the end of the game, which meant that all 55,000 of us were leaving that parking lot at the same time. It would have been BRUTAL, but we went a secret new way (thanks to Chris' brother Andrew), which was quick to enter and fairly easy to exit out of. I have been more Stadium Way for me. The highlight of last night's game was that I looked up behind me at a certain point early on and saw that there was this guy who looked really stupid - Tyler said he was trying to be a highlander or something (but I don't know what that is, so I'll approximate that he looked like Mel Gibson from Braveheart). Anyway, so I looked back to the field/jumbotron (because we were sitting directly in line to see the jumbotron) and all of a sudden I saw this guy on the jumbotron and then I saw Tyler on the jumbotron which means that I must have seen me on the jumbotron because I was sitting right next to Tyler. So, that's pretty cool.

- Jenny, 8/14/2006 09:04:00 AM

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