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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Message to anyone who has a TIVO:
I am respectfully requesting that you TIVO an episode of Cash Cab (Discovery Channel, on at about 5:00 p.m.). You can watch it if you want (it is a fine show), but my interest in you TIVOing it is because they display a disclaimer on the final scene of the show but there's no way you could possibly read it because it disappears too quickly. Pause it just then and report back to me with what it says. Thank you!

So I had a distressing dream last night/just as I woke up this morning. I dreamt that I was going to see a movie, but it was kinda at a community center of sorts (a community center with stadium seating). I went alone, but there were a bunch of people in the room who I know/have known, including obscure people from my past - like people I knew in Middle School. So I went to go and sit somewhere and behind me was sitting Lisa and at the end of the row was my other friend Charlene. My other friend Jenn was sorta hosting the movie event and she dismissed us for a sort of intermission. So I got up and went somewhere (where, I do not know) and returned to see Charlene and Lisa in my seat and the seat next to me sitting and talking with each other. Now Charlene and Lisa don't know each other (or even know OF each other) and so I thought to myself, "this is weird." And then I near my seat and I notice that they're giving me mean looks and I'm not sure why. It turns out that Lisa had apparently had a big BBQ the week before and I didn't go to it (I think I was tired) and they were upset that I didn't come and decided that they were not going to speak to me anymore. So I woke up feeling kinda upset like I wasn't being heard and that they weren't understanding of how tired the hospital makes me sometimes. It was weird. A very weird dream.

Here's hoping that I have a nicer sleep tonight.

- Jenny, 8/09/2006 10:29:00 PM

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