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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last night and the night before I have been staying up until all hours of the night watching LOST with my brother and Nathaniel. We're watching season two now, which is the season I started watching about half-way through. What's funny is that some of the episodes I SWEAR I have seen before, whereas there are others that are totally new to me. To some extent I chalk that up to the clip shows, but last night we watched the first Eko flashback, which I *know* that I have seen. But then two episodes after that one, where Charlie keeps stealing the baby, I have not seen that one at all. So - it's kinda confusing, because after a certain point (of which I seemingly can't remember), I have seen them all sequentially.

Anyway, watching that Eko episode made me totally nostalgic for Africa. I wanted very much to go again. I think there might be a group of people going next summer...

So, nothing much happening at the hospital. Was really, really tired today because I've been going to bed late. Today felt like a light day - the hosptial just didn't seem as full. This morning I had to call the Sheriff to see if he had any information on this one trauma patient who came in. I guess that was kinda cool. I am realizing that I have very little time left in my program. We do a Wednesday morning worship service for those in the Sub-Acute unit and I think we only have to do that two more times. That really puts the time I have left into perspective.

- Jenny, 8/02/2006 06:29:00 PM

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