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Sunday, August 06, 2006

#1 Dodgers Fan called it - I have been a hobo-blogger. But the big question is: who is the #1 Dodgers Fan? Normally I'd think it was David Anderson, but my brother says that he's still in Honduras. Or is it Guatemala? I cannot remember. So then I thought maybe it'd be Joey. But Joey claims it wasn't him. And he didn't do his "I'm lying but I'm going to try to hide behind this smirk" look, so I kinda believe him. But only kinda because he was playing video games at the time and maybe he can hide it behind his uber concentration on that. Or maybe it could be Tyler, but I don't know why he'd call himself the #1 Dodgers Fan. If it's not any of those three, I'm dumbfounded. (Just like I'm still dumbfounded about those toothbrushes...)

I hung out with the OPM people from Fuller last night. OPM, remember, is not "opium" but instead stands for "Office of Presbyterian Ministries." We went to dinner at this place in Pasadena called Wokcano. I can't think of the name Wokcano without thinking of the Rainforest Cafe when they walk out with that one dessert and shout out, "VOLCANO!" Incidentally, speaking of the Rainforest Cafe, I have been to one in Anaheim, SF, Las Vegas and Chicago. But I digress. Anyhow, I like the Fuller Presbyterians. They're really nice. But there are some funny things about them. One thing is that they occasionally make reference to "Mao." And I immediately think, "Why are all of these nice people talking about Chairman Mao?!" It always takes me a second or two to remember that their President's name is Mouw and that they're talking about him and not the communist dictator. Another funny thing is that they all seem to think that I go to school for free. While going to Princeton is cheaper than going to Fuller and we do get free tuition, it is by no means free. There's that whole "living" part that I have to pay for that is equally as expensive as tuition is.


Tomorrow night is my last softball game of the season. It's kinda sad for me, especially because I enjoy playing so much. There's just nothing around in New Jersey (that I know of). I guess that's one reason to get out of Jersey. :)

In other news, I think Dad and I have a tentative itinerary settled on for our route to go back to Princeton. I'm not uber clear on the dates yet (I have to get some things confirmed), but I think we'll be leaving on or around the 7th of September and then go from Burbank to Gallup, NM (check out the intro to Gallup's tourism website...not so sure I want to go there anymore, what with the house on fire, the angel of death, the man on the horse with the sword, etc.). Gallup, NM to Oklahoma City, OK (where the big draw is evidentally the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility). Oklahoma City, OK to Nashville, TN. Nashville, TN to Blacksburg, VA. Blacksburg, VA to Princeton.

- Jenny, 8/06/2006 10:14:00 PM

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