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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today was a really relaxing day. Ironed some clothes, wrote some letters, ate some food, etc. It was a bit disappointing in the evening because I left too late to meet up with Nat and others at Hansen Dam for the fireworks display. By the time I got there, there was stop-and-go rush hour-like traffic, a gazillion people walking around and absolutely nowhere to park. It was very, very frustrating. So I missed it. Well, I saw some of the fireworks from my car window as I drove away, but I missed out. Last year I missed out, too, but because I was in Jamaica. I'm not so patriotic, but I did notice that I was pretty sad on July 4th last year because it was just another day to everyone else. There was only one lady, Mrs. Davis, who thought to wish Krista and I (or was it Jenny and I?) a Happy 4th. Anyway, next year I know to get to the place earlier.

I forgot to mention that I got my computer back last Friday, which was wonderful! It was done on Thursday night, but because my cell phone ran out of battery, I got the message on Friday. This means that it only took them 4 days to fix my computer, which is way better than the 10-14 business day timeframe that they estimated. And it is WAY better than the two or three weeks it took CompUSA to get my computer back to me last fall. So that was a very pleasant surprise.

And now a question. Has anyone out there ever been to an interfaith service? What are your thoughts on them and, if you have been to one, what do you find most meaningful about them? I am researching them right now and I need some input.

- Jenny, 7/04/2006 09:44:00 PM

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