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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sometimes it's hard to get to posting on this blog. Right now I'm waiting for Tyler to come over so that we can go to Chris' comedy debut.

Today was another good day at the hospital. Last week another chaplain introduced me to this guy and his wife; the guy was in the ICU because his heart stopped for 20 minutes. They were able to revive him and he is doing especially well considering he was dead for 20 minutes. He is doing remarkably well if you take into consideration that brain damage begins to occur at 3-4 minutes and yet this guy was reading a New Yorker magazine and a book by Dan Brown.

Ah - Tyler is here.

Ok, I'm back. The comedy show was good. I was really impressed with Chris' set - I think his was the funniest of all his classmates and I really don't think it was just because I know Chris. I admire that Chris took this class because he's wanted to be a comedian for awhile and I hope that he keeps it up. One of his classmates' sets was about his alcoholism and drunk driving experiences - I found it hard to find that set funny while thinking about all of the other people he's hurt in his life. There are some topics in comedy that are best broached only by professionals. However, when he started talking about his large Hispanic family and how they all show up for each other's colonoscopy surgeries in the hospital - that was funny because I'm pretty sure I saw his family yesterday at the hospital. And the week before.

For those of you playing Fantasy Co-ed Softball, the Insomniac Sliders lost to the fierce IKEA Sluggers on Monday night. I suppose our "almost-winning" streak is over. Quite literally, every person on that team, male and female, except for the catcher (she was our one, consistent out), is a "slugger" and could likely hit a home-run every time at bat. So Frustrating. How they're still in our H league (the A league is the top league, if that tells you anything) is way beyond my comprehension. I will mention, however, that PChan (the shortstop) and I had yet another double-play. I think we've had one in each game, which is totally awesome. I am going to be SO bummed once our league is over. I've already begun wondering how to secure a job here after I graduate so that I can remain on the team...

- Jenny, 7/19/2006 06:54:00 PM

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