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Friday, July 21, 2006

Another great day at the hospital today. I just really love it. Today was one of the days where I was on-call, and it was a busy one. In all today, I went to a Code Blue and two Trauma Tier 2s.

I was the first chaplain to respond to the Code Blue, so I asked the nurse if the family was there and she had me call them. I didn't reach the right person, but the person on the other end of the line said that she was already on her way to the hospital. The patient wasn't revived, so I think this was my first experience being with family members who were being told of their loved one's death. All in all, it was a really good least, it was a good experience for me.

Then for the traumas, I told the regular on-call chaplain that I wanted him to shadow me in the experience (usually I will shadow the regular chaplain), which he allowed, so that was kinda really cool. Both traumas had people who were cognizant, so it wasn't hard to get their information of whom they wanted me to contact. Then I called them, which was the first time that I called family. I was somewhat apprehensive, but also ready to do it, so it was a good day.
Today is both Uncle Brad's and Carrie's birthday! So we're going out to dinner tonight and then Carrie has made us all dessert!

- Jenny, 7/21/2006 06:20:00 PM

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