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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thank you, Danny for convincing me to buy Apple Care. That was probably one of the smarter purchases I've made.

I took my computer in yesterday because all of a sudden, the "t" key stopped the middle of when I was writing a document. So I copied a word that had a "t" in it and cut and pasted whenever I needed to type a "t". If that sounds like tedium, it was because there are so many words that have a "t" in them. Thankfully, I was in my last paragraph, so I didn't have to do that for too long. After I was finished, I rebooted and the computer was starting up into target mode, which is what happens if you're pressing down "t" when you boot up. Obviously there was something wrong and so I took my computer (and my external hard drive!) immediately to the Apple store in the Glendale Galleria. I had to wait two hours for my appointment, so I walked around the mall for a little bit and then read some in a book I brought (because I suspected that this would happen).

The diagnosis is that either the keyboard or my logic board is broken and that they'll send it away and return it in a couple of weeks. I backed-up my stuff (I am very smart for having brought in my external hard drive - another good purchase I made, thanks Nathaniel) and then they sent it away. It should come back with all of my stuff on it (programs and documents), but they say that these people at Apple who fix the computers erase the hard drive at whim. (Which is never a comforting word, even if you have everything backed-up.) It's always a sad moment when sending in my computer. I'm going to miss it, but I'm just glad that I have saved my CPE paperwork that I've written so far and that I saved the files from the site I've been building.

So Apple Care is worth it. I think I paid something like $300 for it and with this thing and the other thing I sent my computer in for, I've already had $610 worth of service done on it. There's this guy at my school who I've heard will buy a Mac with Apple Care on it and then sell the computer on eBay or something when the Apple Care expires and then turns around and buys a new Mac with Apple Care on it so that he always has a computer that's covered by Apple. After the incident yesterday, I think that's probably a smart deal. You always have a new computer and it's always covered. I have about a year left on my Apple Care warranty, so that's going to be something I'll think about.

- Jenny, 6/25/2006 09:32:00 AM

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