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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sometimes I like looking through random people's Flickr photos, especially if they're of family events. Then I try to imagine what it would be like if I were there in the room when they were taking those pictures, also imagining what everyone in the photo is like.

I just spent about 5 minutes or so doing that with this guy's pictures.

I am tired again today. Maybe I'll go to bed earlier tonight. Lately I have been going to bed around midnight after a full day's worth of activity and I have noticed that it makes me exhausted the next day. So maybe tonight I'll tucker in early and read a little bit of "Preparing for 'the Ords'" or in the Migliore book I'm reading.

Yesterday was a big day for me. Just the day before I was telling Mike (my partner at the hospital) that I'd probably never get paged for trauma stuff because we've been there for three weeks now and have never seen a trauma while we were there. In fact, I had been wondering about the trauma room and wondering what happens when you're wearing nice clothes as the chaplain. What if blood gets on them or something? But since I was thinking I would never get called into the trauma room, I decided that it didn't matter what clothes I wore into the hospital. So yesterday I wore my pretty, beaded skirt (you know, the one I got for $12) and - wouldn't you know it - when I was on-call yesterday, we had 5 traumas that afternoon, 4 within the space of a half an hour. (My skirt was fine; I wasn't in danger of getting blood on it.) The traumas were a couple gun shot wounds, a prisoner who was in a prison fight, another guy who hit his head and another guy who was hit on the head with a shovel and then run over by a car. As far as I know, only one person died and that was because they were probably dead before they got to the hospital. It was crazy, but I loved it. There were a couple of people we couldn't identify and we had to work hard at figuring out who they were and who we should call to come in and see them. I loved that whole process and trying to figure out different ways to track that information down. I loved being in the trauma/ER room; it was very exciting and interested me very much. It also made me wish I was better at science so that I could be a nurse. I wasn't bothered by what I saw and thought that I was very calm and alert throughout the whole process. I honestly am looking very forward to the next time I'll be on-call, which will be on Monday.

- Jenny, 6/29/2006 08:25:00 PM

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