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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Since Blogger was down practically every time I checked yesterday, I decided to wait until today to post.

Yesterday I was quite a productive day. On Easter, I drove this woman from the airport in NJ to Princeton and ended up making a contact where she has asked me to redesign her website. I agreed but haven't really done anything about it until yesterday, when I finally came up with a design for her site. Sometimes I have to think about what I'm designing before anything comes. So, I sent it away to her and she approved (and loved!) the new design, so then I started building the site. So, I'm glad I finally started on that.

Then I also continued cleaning the house, a saga that I'm afraid will last the whole summer long. I am still loosely on the kitchen (I still have to clean out most of the cabinets), although now I'm starting to work on the breakfast nook. I also returned the iron I bought before (that wasn't really good) and bought this stellar iron, the main benefit I think is that the cord retracts into the base. I am actually looking quite forward to using it.

Tonight is a big night for me - I need your prayers. Tonight is the night I go before the CPM to see if they approve me for the next step in me seeking ordination in the Presbyterian church. I wasn't nervous until last night, so I just have to remember that I am following God's call and I just have to remain confident in that.

- Jenny, 6/08/2006 07:44:00 AM

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